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Gamba Osaka Soccer Business Academy 3rd batch recruitment
Gamba Osaka Soccer Business Academy 3rd batch recruitment



the purpose

Since joining the J.LEAGUE in 1993 as one of the original 10 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the club's founding, GAMBA OSAKA has cultivated know-how and
Utilizing Panasonic Stadium Suita, Japan's leading soccer-only stadium, we will cultivate business talent who will lead the future of the sports world.


An academy run by "Gamba for Development" to develop the next generation of soccer business stars who will make life and towns more exciting through sports

Academy goals

Participants will create and implement an activity plan based on one of the following themes: "Plan to attract visitors to the stadium" or "SDGs plan through co-creation with partners and the local community."

Lecture procedure

In the first half of the program, participants will receive lectures from a group of distinguished lecturers, and in the second half, participants will participate in group work and presentations on pre-determined assignments.


・Working adults (those looking to change jobs to the soccer industry or transfer to the sports department of their main job)
・Professional sports club management practitioners such as J-League
・Government officials (those in charge of the sports business division or those wishing to transfer to the sports business division)
・Representatives of companies considering business partnerships with GAMBA OSAKA, such as sponsors and partner companies
・Business people who want to create new value in the soccer business
・Those who want to be involved in the sports industry beyond soccer, beyond regions and sports

Management Policy

1. Through "online lectures" to deepen understanding of the social value of soccer and "experiential activities" to experience actual soccer situations,
Developing talent that will enhance the value of soccer

2. Emphasis on real-life experiences and real-life communication
・Opportunity to realize and experience the plans discussed in group work
・A support system that allows you to communicate with the secretariat even on days when classes are not held
A continuous approach to delivering news about the business of football

3. Create opportunities for students to learn and think for themselves
・Curriculum focused on group work and presentations

4. Actively disseminate information about activities

5. Operate the GBA Collaborative Partners (GCP) for alumni associations to create a continuing community.
・Interaction with GCP
・Opportunities to experience planning on an ongoing basis


GBA Achievement Course

Those who want to experience real soccer business through collaboration between GAMBA OSAKA and the students, with the goal of not just "learning" but also "putting it into practice"
Capacity: Approximately 24 people
・Course period: Thursday, April 6, 2023 to mid-November or early December
Online lectures (120 minutes): 12 sessions, usually on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:30
Fieldwork (1 day): 4 sessions on Saturdays or Sundays at Panasonic Stadium Suita
・Tuition fee: 300,000 yen (excluding tax)

GBA Online Audit Course (NEW)

・Those who want to "study soccer business systematically online" and consider a soccer business rooted in the local community
Capacity: Approximately 12 people
・Course period: Thursday, April 6, 2023 to early July
Online lectures (120 minutes): 12 sessions, usually on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:30
Stadium tour: 1 time on Saturday or Sunday at Panasonic Stadium Suita
・Tuition fee: 150,000 yen (excluding tax)

Comparison table

item Achievement Course Online Courses
12 online lectures
4 fieldwork sessions
(including stadium tour)
1 stadium tour
Group project implementation
Volunteer participation in project implementation
Participating in alumni meetings
1 online interview
(During the course period)
Use Slack
(Communication tool)
Completion ceremony/Certificate
Other sports/stadium visits
(Irregularly held)

* Online lectures for each course can be viewed in archives.
*About GBA Online Audit Courses
・The dates for the stadium tour will be provided by the club. Participation is optional.
・Priority will be given to volunteers for the GBA Achievement course, and if there are not enough participants, we will also invite people to the online auditing course.

About student recruitment

Application period

From Wednesday, February 1, 2023 to Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 23:59
・Achievement course: Pre-entry ⇒ Official entry ⇒ Document screening ⇒ Online interview ⇒ Pass/fail
・Online course: Pre-entry ⇒ Official entry ⇒ Document screening ⇒ Pass/fail

[Schedule A]
・Entry period: 2/1 (Wed) to 2/19 (Sun) 23:59
*The results of the document screening for the Achievement Course will be announced between February 21st (Tue) and February 24th (Fri).
・Online interview (Achievement course): Scheduled for Sunday, February 26th
*Results will be announced after Tuesday, February 28th.
*If it is difficult to hold an online interview on the above dates, please contact us.

[Schedule B] Recruiting a few applicants
・From Wednesday, March 1st to Wednesday, March 8th, 23:59
*The results of the document screening for the Achievement Course will be announced by Friday, March 10th.
・Online interview (Achievement course): Scheduled for Saturday, March 11th
*Results will be announced after Tuesday, March 14th.
*Only a limited number of participants will be accepted for schedule B.
*The number of successful applicants may change depending on the applications for schedule A.


Pre-entry form:
(This will take about a minute to complete)
After you have pre-registered via the above URL, we will send you the official entry form.
*The pre-entry form is common to all courses and dates.

GBA Information Session

Archived streaming of the information session on February 8th (Wednesday) is here

Comment from President Ono

President and CEO of GAMBA OSAKA Co., Ltd.

Tadashi ONO

Utilizing the know-how that GAMBA OSAKA has cultivated and Panasonic Stadium Suita, Japan's leading soccer-only stadium, the GAMBA OSAKA Soccer Business Academy is now opening its third term, with the aim of cultivating business talent that will lead the future of the sports world.

This academy allows students to learn about soccer business through real-life experiences, including online lectures and field work at stadiums. We hope to produce the next generation of soccer business stars who will bring excitement to life and cities through sports.

In order to give students an opportunity to learn and think for themselves, the curriculum is centered around group work and presentations, and depending on the content of the plans, we would like to even be able to put them into practice.

We are looking forward to meeting you all.

Main lecturers

  • Emi Yoneda

    Representative of Yoneda Certified Public Accountant Office
    Former J.LEAGUE Director

  • Akihiko Hamamoto

    SAP Japan Co., Ltd. Marketing Headquarters
    Strategy Office Strategy Officer
    (J.League Digital Marketing Human Resources Development Course Lecturer)

  • Ryuji BANDO

    GAMBA OSAKA player and former Japan national football team member
    Former J.League Special Director and Former WE League Director

  • Kaita Sugihara

    Twenty First Group
    Asia Consultant
    (Former FIFA consultant)

  • Yuuta Kamii

    Future Sessions Inc.
    IAF Certified Professional Facilitator
    Keio SDM Graduate School Sports System Design and Management Lab Researcher

  • Shiro Oguni

    Oguni Shiro Office Co., Ltd.

  • Noriyoshi Funakubo

    Chiba Jets Funabashi Co., Ltd.
    Marketing Headquarters
    Marketing Department Manager

  • Makoto Nagashima

    Executive Officer, Pia Corporation
    Director, Sports Solutions Promotion Bureau

  • Junta Ueno

    Imabari Yume Sports Co., Ltd.
    Public Relations Information Systems Group Leader

Theme Schedule

*The course period, schedule, and content are subject to change. *Participants will be notified of the detailed schedule separately.
*Field work may change depending on the match schedule.
*Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the curriculum may be subject to change.

Inquiries and points to note

Contact Us ■Inquiries about GAMBA OSAKA Soccer Business Academy
email address

Secretariat operating company
Cost Science Co., Ltd.
Sunplax Co., Ltd.

■Press release inquiries
Please note ・The course period, date, time, and content are subject to change.
・If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour may be cancelled.
・Field work may change depending on the match schedule.
・Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the curriculum is subject to change.
・We cannot accept individual inquiries regarding the results of the selection process.
Tuition fees are to be paid by bank transfer.
・It is possible to apply for both the GBA Achievement Course and the GBA Online Audit Course.


[Talent Production]
・Five new employees transfer to GAMBA OSAKA and other J-League clubs
・Many people involved in sports business through their current jobs, side jobs, and entrepreneurial ventures

・People of a wide range of ages (20s to 60s) with diverse careers
・Participating areas are broad, with approximately 50% in the Kansai area and 50% in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

[Alumni organizations]
・Operating as "GBA Collaborative Partners (GCP)"
Even after graduating from the GBA, students are able to continue their sustainable activities and create new businesses (they have a track record of starting their own businesses).

1st Period Case Studies

  • ① Aiming to raise awareness of the SDGs in the region! "GAMBA OSAKA first SDGs quiz event"

    In cooperation with the club's SDGs project, the " GAMBA OSAKA SDGs Quiz" was held for the first time at Panasonic Stadium Suita Stadium in conjunction with the United Nations SDGs Week, with the hope of using GAMBA OSAKA as a catalyst to raise awareness of the SDGs. The quiz was displayed on the digital signage in the stadium. The first 500 quiz participants were given a prize, but the goal was reached within 80 minutes of the start. The total number of participants was 618.

  • ②A new stadium viewing experience: "J.League's first CHEERPHONE project"

    By using the real-time audio distribution platform "CHEERPHONE," we improved the experience of watching the game at the stadium and provided a service that allows people to enjoy the game even more. Tickets with CHEERPHONE (ticket price + 2,000 yen) were sold, and on the day, about 100 people listened to a commentary by an ex-player focusing on Gamba.

  • 3. " Panasonic Stadium Suita first disaster prevention camp project" - a fun way to learn and experience disaster prevention

    A two-day, one-night tent camp was planned at Panasonic Stadium Suita. Various fun activities were included to lower the barrier to participation in the disaster prevention course. The event provided an opportunity to experience "mutual assistance," which is necessary in the event of a disaster. Tickets were sold for 13,000 yen for adults and 6,000 yen for children, and 33 people participated.

  • ④Creating a new customer experience: GAMBA OSAKA first premium ticket project

    In order to provide a new customer experience to GAMBA OSAKA supporters, we took on the challenge of offering high-priced tickets. We prepared limited benefits and special decorations in the VIP lounge. Tickets were sold for 70,000 yen.

  • ⑤"GAMBA OSAKA's first hybrid online/real-life career education project"

    In order to make GAMBA OSAKA an indispensable presence in the hometown, we planned a career education event for young people who will be the future of the hometown. Existing partners also agreed and participated. Ten local junior high school students participated.

  • ⑥Make the SDGs your own! "SDGs Education Project through GAMBA OSAKA"

    In order to convey the importance of the SDGs to children who will lead the future, an SDGs class was held for GAMBA OSAKA fan club members. A lecture on the SDGs and a stadium tour were planned. A banner was also created and displayed to raise awareness of the SDGs. 18 parents and children participated.

What students say

  • Reason for applying

    I was interested in the fact that Gamba was implementing the program, and I wanted to gain input from and output in an industry that is different to my current job.

    After completing the GBA course

    I was very inspired by getting to know the other students. It also changed my perspective on changing jobs.

    Company employee, 30s
  • Reason for applying

    The direct reason was that I was interested in GAMBA OSAKA, a team I was always a fan of, and I saw that the GBA was being held in the news. I was also interested in sports business, but I didn't have many opportunities to get closer to it, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to solve that problem.

    After completing the GBA course

    I think it was great that we were able to actually plan things, rather than just doing simple lectures and fieldwork. In addition, I was able to communicate closely with the staff at GAMBA OSAKA and the other students, which I think was an opportunity to build a strong network.
    I also feel that I was able to achieve the expectations I had before participating, which were to "learn the behind-the-scenes of the sports business, which you would never understand just by watching sports on a regular basis," and "get a feel for what it's like on the ground." In that sense, I believe it was a rare experience.

    Company employee (consultant), 30s
  • Reason for applying

    I wanted to learn about sports business and have the opportunity to interact with people outside of my company.

    After completing the GBA course

    I learned a lot, but more than that, I was inspired by the other students and it was a very meaningful opportunity.

    Finance, 30s
  • Reason for applying

    The business I run involves attracting foreign visitors from Asian countries, and I thought it would fit with GAMBA OSAKA's business, which has a strategy to expand into Asia in the near future. I also applied with a strong desire to create a connection between the business I am developing and the professional sports business industry, with the goal of future collaboration.

    After completing the GBA course

    I have had more contact with GAMBA OSAKA and the front office staff. Hearing the voices of people in the professional sports industry is the best learning material.
    From the moment I applied to the GBA, I had wanted to pursue a project that specialized in product planning and sales to the wealthy, and being able to implement a project that utilized the VIP room that Panasonic Stadium is known for was an experience that will be extremely useful in my own business development in the future.
    In addition, the GBA activities, which were supposed to end after one year, have been able to continue thanks to the launch of the alumni association. We will be able to continue to be involved in planning and implementing activities, and through alumni association activities we will be able to interact with participating GBA members and continue learning after taking the course.
    Although it was a difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was also a very meaningful year.

    Company Manager, 40s
  • Reason for applying

    ・Because I am a Gamba fan who supports GAMBA OSAKA.
    -Because I wanted to be actively involved with GAMBA OSAKA.
    -I wanted to know whether I could be involved in sports business in the future.

    After completing the GBA course

    ・I was able to learn the process of how a plan is put into action.
    ・I was able to take lectures that I would not have been able to take in person.
    ・I was able to meet people of different ages and backgrounds through GAMBA OSAKA. Furthermore, I was able to achieve my goals while actively exchanging opinions.
    ・It was difficult to find time for the academy amidst my busy work and personal life, but it gave me the opportunity to reassess my lifestyle and work in order to make time. Instead of giving up and saying "I can't do it," I got into the habit of thinking about what I should do to "be able to do it."

    Educational field, age 50 and over
  • Reason for applying

    To deepen understanding of sports business and broaden career possibilities

    After completing the GBA course

    I was able to experience firsthand how sports business develops through collaboration between various fields, and I was able to gain new ways of thinking and values ​​through interactions with a diverse range of students and group work on planning and implementation.

    Entertainment field, 30s
  • Reason for applying

    While supporting athletes and sports teams, I realized that I needed to gain more insight into the sports industry, and at that time, the recruitment for GBA came up.

    After completing the GBA course

    I think that the value lies in the ideas that you come up with by taking advantage of the lecture content and thinking a step deeper than the lecture content itself. The lecture content was easy to understand, but I think it would have been better if it had been a little deeper or more specialized, something that you can't hear anywhere else. Meeting friends who share the same will is the best thing I've ever experienced.

    Certified Public Accountant, 40s
  • Reason for applying

    I saw the recruitment notice on GAMBA OSAKA's SNS and thought it looked interesting. I had no intention of changing jobs to the sports industry and had no prior knowledge, so I struggled with filling out the application documents. I was involved in SDGs at work and wanted to consider collaborating with a soccer club's community-based activities, so I wanted to learn about the work of a soccer club, which is what led me to apply. The fact that there was not only classroom learning but also group work and project implementation was what made me decide to enroll.

    After completing the GBA course

    In addition to being able to understand the management of a soccer club, which was my purpose in applying, the best thing was that I was able to make more friends through planning and implementing projects in a group, and I was able to have experiences that I would not have been able to get at work. Because it is a group based around soccer, I was able to meet people that I would not come into contact with in my normal work. Also, the work of a soccer club is centered on marketing to fans and supporters. My career has been centered on engineering and business management, so it was valuable to be able to experience an area that I had never covered before.

    Finance, 30s
  • Reason for applying

    Because I wanted to contribute to the local community (because my personal influence is small, I wanted to make a big impact through the power of sports), and because I had an intuition that COVID-19 would allow me to have more flexibility with time and money

    After completing the GBA course

    The most valuable thing is that I was able to learn and co-create with such inspiring members. I want to continue to maintain and develop this relationship and take it to the next level! I hope the second batch of students will also feel this sense of fulfillment and motivation.

    Sales and Systems Engineer, 40s
  • Reason for applying

    I applied because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about sports business in a systematic way and develop and implement my own plans.

    After completing the GBA course

    GBA has members from various industries, so meeting fellow members is a really valuable experience. In addition, there are many sports business lectures from top lecturers, so I think it is valuable not only to learn but also to practice what you learn.
    I think this is a great opportunity that you don't get to experience very often.

    Advertising company, 30s
  • Reason for applying

    I have always liked GAMBA OSAKA, and I was attracted to the idea of ​​learning about sports business, a field I knew nothing about, through GAMBA OSAKA, so I applied.
    In addition to learning from the instructors, I thought that through fieldwork I would be able to communicate with people from other industries who had the commonality of GAMBA OSAKA.

    After completing the GBA course

    Every experience and moment has been new to me, and it has changed the way I view sports/soccer/ GAMBA OSAKA. I find it interesting in a different way.
    During the fieldwork, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw customers' delight with the plans that I had thought up from scratch, but at the same time, I was able to realize how difficult planning can be, so I believe it was an invaluable experience.

    Service industry (travel industry) - 30s
  • Reason for applying

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had more time and money to think about my future career, and when I was thinking about how I could revitalize the local community using my favorite sport, I found out about the GBA recruitment.

    After completing the GBA course

    There was solid input, and we were able to have positive discussions and execute plans, which made it very meaningful. I would like to further develop these connections and relationships. Let's take the first step!

    Company employee (ICT), 40s
  • Reason for applying

    I was interested in sports business and had been taking one-off online seminars, but I began to want to sit down and learn specifically what I could do.
    I considered various sports business schools, but decided to apply because I could study at my favorite school, GAMBA OSAKA, and even get to carry out the planning and implementation.

    After completing the GBA course

    Through this experience, I was able to understand the entire process from planning to implementation. Through GBA, I was able to clarify the field I wanted to work in in the future, and after graduation, I was able to receive a job offer from a J.League Clubs. I feel that participating in GBA was a big step towards my future.

    Company employee (sales position), 30s
  • Reason for applying

    I was originally interested in the sports industry and had applied for a job there, but I didn't end up getting hired. Since it was an industry I had always been interested in, I decided to apply.
    Also, I have been a supporter of GAMBA OSAKA for nearly 18 years, so I wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at GAMBA OSAKA Osaka and in the sports industry, and I think that was one of the attractions of participating in GBA.
    In addition, I feel that the fact that classes were to be held online during the COVID-19 pandemic was also a positive factor in my decision to apply. (If the classes had always been held in Osaka and I had to take them on-site, I would have given up on applying.)

    After completing the GBA course

    It was a great asset to learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of the sports industry.
    When thinking about my own career, I felt that this experience gave me the opportunity to reconsider how I want to relate to sports.
    I started by clarifying what I wanted to achieve within the broader concept of sports, and my desire to continue being involved in sports in my life became even stronger.
    In addition, at GBA, I was able to meet people of various ages and industries that I would not normally meet in my work or private life. I think that discussions and brainstorming from various perspectives have had a big impact on my current work.
    By actually having the opportunity to plan and carry out the project, I was able to experience firsthand how difficult it is to execute and how challenging it is to plan, which has become a great asset to me.
    Also, many of the instructors allowed me to communicate online, answered my questions carefully, and provided thorough follow-up on anything I wanted to know, so I often felt like my understanding had improved greatly.

    Trading company salesperson, 30s