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2024 Season Pass

2024 Annual Pass 2024 Annual Pass

2024 Season Pass TOPICS

Notice of abolishment of the seat continuation preference survey

・From the 2024 season, we will discontinue the advance "Survey on Seat Renewal Preference" in order to reduce the burden on customers and simplify the procedure. Although the "Survey on Seat Renewal Preference" will be discontinued, the "Right to Renew Seat" will be maintained as before, so please check the details before proceeding.
- If the seats purchased as 2023 Season Pass seats are not renewed, they will be sold as general tickets for the 2024 season and will not be available for sale as 2024 Season Pass.
- 2023 Season Pass seats that are not renewed for the 2024 season can be selected as 2025 Season Pass seats.

Automatic renewal of Season Pass

In order to retain the right to continue purchasing seats, purchasers of the 2023 Season Pass(20 games, 15 games, half games, or 5 games) will be asked to switch to the 2024 Season Pass(19 games).
If you wish to "change Season Pass seat" or "continue your fan club membership only", please be sure to complete the necessary procedures.
The renewal information for 2023 Season Pass purchasers lists the total price for the "Fan Club" and "2024 Season Pass(19 games)".
If you wish to make changes, please do so online.
*If either the payment for joining the fan club or the payment for purchasing the Season Pass was made by credit card, your membership will be automatically renewed.
*If you use different credit cards when joining the fan club and when purchasing the Season Pass, automatic renewal payment will be made using the credit card used to purchase the Season Pass.

Regarding matches covered by the 2024 Season Pass

The campaign will cover 19 home league games hosted by GAMBA OSAKA in the 2024 season.
The 2024 Season Pass does not allow you to watch other matches, such as away games, cup matches, or the EMPEROR'S CUP .
A separate ticket is required to watch the event.
Please note that all J.LEAGUE YBC Levain CUP matches will not be covered by the 2024 Season Pass.

Important Notices for Season Pass

If you apply for "group integration (purchasing adjacent seats)" or "adding family members" at the same time, the sign-up bonus will be delivered to the representative.
If you and your friends or acquaintances have applied at the same time, please have the representative hand over the membership benefits to each member of your group.
Please note that the same procedure will apply if automatic renewal is selected for a group or family.
Membership cards and information cards contain personal information, so they will be sent to each member.

In order to purchase an Season Pass, you must join the fan club. Please apply for the fan club membership at the same time.

The Season Pass is integrated with the fan club membership card!

Eligible matches

19 home league games hosted by GAMBA OSAKA in the 2024 season

*Away matches, cup matches, EMPEROR'S CUP, and other matches cannot be viewed with the 2024 Season Pass. Separate tickets are required to view the matches.

Seat types available

2024 Annual Pass

*The shaded areas are the Season Pass sales areas.
*Sales area is for illustrative purposes only.
*The blue seats in the "2024 Season Pass Second Registration Available Seating Chart(PDF)" are the seats you can select. (As of January 5, 2024)

Price list by seat [reserved seat/unreserved seat] (annual price/19 games)

Home games are 30% off the advance ticket price! (Adult price / per game)

All prices include tax.

  • The Gamba Supporter Seats allow for both sitting and standing, providing flexibility in how you view the game. However, please note that the visibility of the pitch may be obstructed depending on the location.
  • The number of matches may be subject to change.
  • Depending on the sales situation, we may decline your application after it has been submitted.
  • Exciting Seat (reserved seat)
    Exciting Seat
    203,490 yen

    Located in the center of the main stand (Lower levels), these special seats allow you to fully enjoy the voices of the players and Head Coach and the exciting action unfolding before your eyes.

  • Category 1 (reserved seats)
    Category 1
    74,480 yen
    34,200 yen

    An area located in the main stand (Lower levels).
    A special seat that allows you to see the players entering the stadium up close.

  • Category 2 (reserved seats)
    Category 2
    63,840 yen
    29,640 yen

    An area located in the back stand (Lower levels).
    For those who can't miss the decisive scenes or bench work.

  • Category 3 (reserved seats)
    Category 3
    57,190 yen
    26,220 yen

    An area located in the corner of the main stand (Lower levels).
    The side attacks and defenses unfolding right in front of you are extremely realistic!

  • Category 4 (reserved seats)
    Category 4
    53,200 yen
    25,080 yen

    An area located behind the main stand (Upper levels).
    It's also perfect for large groups, such as families.

  • Category 4 Front View (Reserved Seat)
    Category 4 Front View
    59,850 yen
    27,360 yen

    An area located in front of the main stand (Upper levels).
    For those who want to see the whole pitch and keep an eye on the game situation.

  • Gamba Supporter Seats (unreserved seats)
    Gamba Supporter Seats
    37,240 yen
    13,680 yen

    The supporters' area is located behind the goal.
    For those who want to enthusiastically support their team.

  • Wheelchair-Accessible Seating(reserved seats)
    Wheelchair seating
    26,600 yen
    7,980 yen

    A viewing area for wheelchair users in the main stand.

2024 Season Pass Purchase Benefits

  • Bonus 1

    Early entry

    Bonus 1
    Early entry for Season Pass holders only

    Exclusively for Season Pass holders, you can enter through certain gates before general admission!
    Those who have purchased an Season Pass with unreserved seating (Gamba Supporter Seat) can apply for the "early entry lottery."
    To participate in the early admission lottery, you must apply via the J.League app.
    Advance registration is required via the official J.LEAGUE app, "Club J.LEAGUE."

    • Applications cannot be made from feature phone or PCs.
    • Those who have purchased an Season Pass with reserved seats are not eligible for the "early entry lottery."

    [Advance application]
    Period: 12:00 6 days before each match to 23:59 2 days before each match
    Notification: 15:00 the day before the match
    *The application period is subject to change.

    [How to apply]
    J.LEAGUE official app "Club J.LEAGUE"
    ・You can enter the lottery using the "Early Entry Application" function.
    ・The serial number assigned after the lottery can be checked on the "Early Entry Application List."

  • Bonus 2

    30% off advance ticket price

    Bonus 2
    Special sales for home cup matches
    30% off advance ticket price

    Special sales available for home cup matches!

    • Due to schedule reasons, the application period varies depending on the target match.
    • This may be subject to change depending on the tournament format.
  • Bonus 3
    Bonus 3
    Exclusive to Season Pass
    Original towel holder

    This is a convenient item that can be used to hang the original towel scarf that comes as a fan club membership benefit.

    • This image is for illustrative purposes only.
  • Bonus 4
    Bonus 4
    Uniform special sale
    (15% off during the special sale period only)

    Applies to 2024 authentic/replica uniforms.

    • Online shop only
    • Please note that depending on the time of your application, your purchased product may not be delivered in time for the opening game.
    • The preferential sales period will be announced separately on our website.
    • Outside the special sale period, you will receive a 5% discount.
  • Bonus 5
    Bonus 5
    Ticket transfer service

    For games you are unable to attend, you can transfer your tickets to a family member or friend for each game.

    • You must complete the online procedure by 23:59 on the day before the match.
    • Please use our "Transfer Service" for transfers and refrain from reselling for commercial purposes.
  • Bonus 6
    Bonus 5
    1,000 yen (2 x 500 yen vouchers) shopping voucher for use at LaLaport EXPOCITY

    We will give you a shopping voucher for the designated stores in LaLaport EXPO CITY!

    • Participating stores will be announced at a later date.
    • Participating stores and benefits vary depending on the period.
    • This is a benefit for purchasers of the 2024 Season Pass(19 games).
    • The voucher is valid until July 31, 2024.
  • Bonus 7
    Bonus 6
    Official resale service

    If you have other plans and can't attend a game, or if you bought tickets separately to watch a game with friends or family, you can resell your Season Pass.

    • You must complete the online procedure by 23:59 on the day before the match.
    • Fees apply.
  • Bonus 8
    Bonus 6
    Big Thanks Raffle

    Once a year we hold a fantastic raffle with no losers.

Seat selection service (WEB only)
Seat selection service (WEB only)
You can choose your favorite seat. You can even sit next to your friends or family!
Once you have selected your seat, you can keep it for the following year.
Benefits for long-term subscribers
Benefits for long-term subscribers
To everyone who has been supporting GAMBA OSAKA for a long time.
We will give you a pin badge as proof of your continued support for 10 or 15 years!
  • They will be sent by mail mid-season.
Exciting Seat Purchaser Benefits
Exciting Seat Purchaser Benefits
Right to purchase annual parking ticket for Expo Park South Parking Lot (charged)
*This is an annual parking ticket for games covered by the Season Pass.

2024 Season Pass Application Period

Please complete the procedure by clicking "Purchase" at the bottom of this page on the application date and time that applies to you.

2024 Season Pass Application Period

[Continued] Premium Member Priority Reception
(Seat change/New Season Pass purchase)
Application date and time: 12:00 on Friday, October 27th to 23:59 on Monday, October 30th
*2023 Season Pass members who join 2024 Premium Member and wish to change their seat on the 2024 Season Pass
*2023 Fan Club members who join the 2024 Premium Member and wish to purchase a new 2024 Season Pass
[New] Premium Member Priority Reception Application date and time : 12:00 on Monday, October 30th to 23:59 on Wednesday, November 8th
*Those who are not yet members of the 2023 Fan Club but would like to join the 2024 Premium Member and purchase a new 2024 Season Pass
[Continuation] 2023 Season Pass Member Priority Seat Change Application Application date and time: 12:00 on Tuesday, October 31st to 23:59 on Monday, November 6th
*2023 Season Pass members who wish to change their seat to 2024
[Continuation] Priority registration for 2023 Fan Club Members Application date and time: 11/7 (Tue) 12:00 - 12/3 (Sun) 23:59
*2023 Fan Club members who wish to purchase a new 2024 Season Pass
[Continuation] 2023 Season Pass Seat Renewal Application Application date and time: 11/9 (Thu) 12:00 - 12/3 (Sun) 23:59
*2023 Season Pass members who wish to continue their seats in the 2024 Season Pass(including Premium Member)
[New] Season Pass application Application date and time: 11/9 (Thu) 12:00 - 12/25 (Mon) 23:59
*Those who are not yet members of the 2023 fan club and wish to purchase a new 2024 Season Pass

2024 Season Pass Q&A


I would like to sit in the same seat as in the 2023 season.


"2024 Season Pass Application Period" Please refer to the information below and apply within the application period.
Please be sure to complete all procedures such as fan club registration details, course changes, adding family members or groups, and changing payment methods at the same time.


  • For those who have purchased a 2023 Season Pass(20 games, 15 games, half games, or 5 games), we are offering to switch to a 2024 Season Pass(19 games) in order to maintain your seating rights.
    Please check the continuation notice we sent you for details.
  • Please note that if you apply for Season Pass together as a group (by purchasing adjacent seats), the membership benefits will be sent to the representative.
  • Customers who register using a convenience store payment slip and customers who register online cannot be seated next to each other.
    If you would like to be seated next to each other, please have one person apply online together.
  • In the case of simultaneous applications and credit card payments, only one credit card will be used.
  • Seat changes and cancellations cannot be accepted mid-season.
    Please note.
  • If you wish to purchase an Season Pass, you must join the fan club.
    Please apply at the same time as joining the fan club.
  • The Gamba Supporter Seats (General Admission) allow for standing as well as sitting.
  • As there is a limit to the number of Premium Member who can join, the priority period until Sunday, December 3, 2023 will be for 2023 Premium Member who wish to continue as Premium Member in 2024. If the limit is reached during this period, those who apply to join as Premium Member for the 2024 season may be denied membership after payment has been completed (and their annual membership fee may be refunded). Please note this in advance.


Each procedure manual

▼Procedure for seat change requests

▼Procedure for seat continuation acceptance

▼ [New] Procedures for accepting Season Pass