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Recycling Activities

Your cooperation in recycling activities will turn into a flag to be used in your hometown!

To collect PET bottles, students from Mizuno Koji's seminar at Otemon Gakuin University , a School of Business Administration, who are Gamba GAMBA OSAKA 's eco-activity partners, will call for cooperation in collecting and sorting the bottles at collection points set up inside and outside the stadium. They will also remove the caps and discard any leftover drink to make them easier to recycle.
The goal of this activity is to recycle the collected PET bottles into polyester fibers that will be transformed into Gamba GAMBA OSAKA merchandise.
This recycled polyester fiber will be transformed into GAMBA OSAKA flags.
We aim to recycle 70,000 bottles, so we appreciate your cooperation.

Recycling Activities
PET bottle collection month Number of PET bottles collected
February 2019 2,350 bottles
March 2019 6,150 bottles
April 2019 2,000 bottles
May 2019 11,500 bottles
June 2019 4,500 bottles
July 2019 3,000 bottles
August 2019 31,500 bottles
September 2019 7,500 bottles
October 2019 5,500 bottles
November 2019 6,000 bottles
total 80,000 bottles