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Gamba Osaka Crowdfunding Campaign

Gamba Osaka Crowdfunding Campaign

2021 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of Gamba Osaka, and our 29th year was a difficult one for both the club and its supporters, due to the Corona virus pandemic. To look to the future, we would like to express our gratitude for your support and are pleased to announce our 30th Anniversary commemorative campaign.

This season, the club will bring to you nine projects throughout the year, signifying the nine trophies that the club has won so far.

The first of these nine exciting projects will be a crowdfunding campaign, with a target of 50 million yen, but before we introduce that to you, here is a complete list of the projects we have lined up for our 2021 30th Anniversary!

■ 30th Anniversary Campaign Projects

① Gamba's first-ever crowdfunding campaign [March-April]
② Kick-off event [at the first home game]
③ Home game events [March-July]
④ Panasta Gamba Project [planned for July]
⑤ 30th Anniversary Stadium Event [planned for August]
⑥ 30th Anniversary Goods released [planned for August]
⑦ 30th Anniversary Magazine published [planned for September]
⑧ 30th Anniversary Match [October]
⑨ 30th Anniversary Final / End of Season event

■ Overview of the Crowdfunding Project
・ Target: 50 million yen
・ Campaign runs from March 2nd until April 30th.

Details of what supporters can get in the project:
Gamba Osaka 30th Anniversary Celebration Support Course (from 3,000 yen to 1 million yen)

☆ [Show Your Support!] Your name posted on digital signage in the stadium (30,000 yen)
☆ [Show Your Support!] Your name posted on the LED display in the stadium (50,000 yen)
☆ [Show Your Support!] Your name posted on the stadium TV display (50,000 yen)
☆ [Your name added to the history of Gamba!] Name published in 30th anniversary magazine (30,000 yen)

☆ Supporter limited mug (5,000 yen)
☆ Supporter limited pennant & key holder (8,000 yen)
☆ Supporter limited original Towel muffler (10,000 yen)
☆ 30th Anniversary limited edition marking replica home shirt [M-L or O-XO] (30,000 yen)
☆ Limited edition 30th Anniversary shirt [5 players] ( 20,000 Yen)
☆ 30th Anniversary replica shirt (signed by players) [M-L or O-XO] (50,000 Yen)

☆ Autographed Goods from Players (50,000 Yen)
☆ Autographed 30th Anniversary Match Official Ball (100,000 yen)
☆ Supporter Limited Autographed Stadium Posting Player Banner [12 types] (50,000 yen)

☆ [Premium Experience Course] Special Stadium Tour with OB Players (inc.meal) (20,000 yen)
☆ [Premium Experience Course] Online lunch with OB players (10,000 yen)
☆ [Premium Experience Course] Congratulatory message video present from players (50,000 yen)
☆ [Premium Experience Course] With OB player commentary, game VIP seat (50,000 yen)
☆ [Premium Experience Course] Panasta main pitch usage right (2 hours) (300,000 yen)

* For more details (in Japanese), please check the web site from March 2nd, 18:00.