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Nagoya Grampus 2-0 Gamba Osaka

Gamba Osaka traveled to Nagoya for a midweek match, to play their Matchday 11 in advance, in order to allow later Asian Champions league commitments to be fulfilled. Despite matching their hosts in all the statistics (shots and corners turned out very even), the away team came back with nothing as they saw a 2-0 defeat. With multiple players still missing through injury it was another game where we could not see the likes of Ryu Takao, Yuya Fukuda and Hiroki Fujiharu - all players who contributed immensely to the 2020 season.
Nevertheless, Gamba went looking for the goals that had not been coming this season and Patric and Kosuke Onose combined well in the 5th minute to create space for the latter to get off a shot, while 10 minutes later Leandro Pereira blasted from the edge of the box and was just wide of the target. Despite the better attacking play the home side found themselves a goal down on the half hour mark after a deep cross from the left found its way through the the far post and was converted from close range.

Up against it and looking for an equaliser, Gamba conceded a second goal 10 minutes into the 2nd half as Yuki Soma found space down the left then switched inside to shoot across Masaaki Higashiguchi and pout Gamba 2-0 down.
A 70th minute curling free kick from Takashi Usami whizzed past a post, while five minutes later Leandro Pereira's effort from the edge of the area was inches over the bar. Gamba had not given up by a long shot, and even into added time they were still looking for goals, Usami seeing another effort go wide as the seconds ticked away and Gamba saw another game with no points and no goals.

team - Higashiguchi, Onose (Kurokawa, 59), Miura, Shoji, Fukuda, Ideguchi (Ju, 46), Yamamoto (Tiago Alves, 70), Kurata (Yajima, 70), Usami, Leandro Pereira, Patric (Ichimi, 81)