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[Preview] After beating FC Tokyo, Gamba is back on track. They showed off their current strengths while suppressing the opponent's offensive power.

In the previous match, in front of their home fans, they scored three goals, the most for the team this season, and came from behind to win against Kawasaki F. They showed how well they matched up against Kawasaki F, who they won both games against last year, but what was hidden in this victory was the definite growth of Poyatos Gamba.
Last season, Gamba had a lot of ups and downs, playing good games and losing games, but in the game against Kawasaki F, where they were in a difficult situation after being taken first, "we didn't panic even after conceding a goal, and we watched the game throughout the 90 minutes. Everyone is getting stronger mentally" (Fukuoka). This was also evident in the way they turned the game around with two set-piece goals.

Gamba has made it through a hectic schedule and has risen to fourth place, but the team is determined to win every game. The team is now focused on their first game of the two-game away series against FC Tokyo.
After a one-week break, Gamba has improved both offensively and defensively, but the current challenge is clear. "Our defense is working well now. Now it's just a matter of how well we can work together on our offense," said Usami.

While they continue to concede the fewest goals in the league with 11 in 15 matches, the team's theme is how to revitalize their offense, which had the third fewest goals scored in the league as of the end of the previous round. FC Tokyo, their opponent this week, is a tough opponent, having conceded 26 goals, the most in the league, as of the end of the previous round, but they have no intention of playing defensively.
"The key is to dominate the midfield and take advantage of our numerical advantage. We want to inflict damage on the opponents there. In a word, it's important that we have the ball," said Head Coach Poyatos.

Peter Kramowski, who served as assistant head coach under Ange Postecoglou, who once led Yokohama F・Marinos , is a Head Coach who actively moves the ball and aims for an offensive style of play. "The same points that we need to be careful of when playing against Yokohama F・Marinos will be important," Usami said.
It will be essential to limit the opponent's build-up and not become passive, but there are certainly some areas where they can exploit against the current FC Tokyo.
While boasting the most goals scored in the league this season, FC Tokyo have conceded the fifth most goals in the league, so Gamba's sharp counterattack, one of their weapons, will be a valuable tool against them.
"The more the opponents are attacking, the more risk there is in the back. Being quick after stealing the ball will be more effective than usual," said Usami, and the team hopes to create chances with high-speed counterattacks using WELTON and Yamashita, just like in the game against Kawasaki F when they earned a corner kick to turn the game around.

Meanwhile, FC Tokyo, who have drawn two and lost one of their last three games, should also come to win at home. Former Gamba player Taka, who functions as the heart of FC Tokyo, is also showing his presence as one of the defensive midfielders, but the most important thing to be wary of is "how much we can suppress the sides, because if the ball gets to Diego Queiroz De Oliveira(DIEGO OLIVEIRA) or Araki, it will be dangerous" (Head Coach).
They will need to be wary not only of winger Tawara Tsumita, who allowed a goal in an away game last season, but also of young players such as Araki, the team's top scorer who contributed to the team's victory in the U-23 Asian Cup, and Matsuki.
While maintaining a strong defense, they were also shrewd and sharp in opening up the opponent's goal. With three points from a tough opponent, Gamba hopes to accelerate its momentum.