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June 22 (Saturday) Meiji Yasuda J1 League 19th Sec. Kobe Match Information

[Match Date and Time] Saturday, June 22nd, MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE 19th Sec., kickoff 18:33
[Opponent Club] Vissel Kobe
[Location] Panasonic Stadium Suita
[TV broadcast] DAZN
[Early entry opening] 15:30—15:50
[General opening time] 16:00
*For information on early admission and general admission, please click here.
*Entry will be via gates "1, 2, 3, 4".

*Information current as of June 20th (Thursday). Changes will be updated as they occur.

*The stadium has a roof, but depending on the wind direction, rain may blow into the front rows. Please bring a poncho or similar item in case of rain. Umbrellas are not permitted inside the stadium.
*Cans and bottles are not permitted into the stadium, so please be sure to replace them with paper cups before entering.

・All seats except for Gamba supporter seats and visitor unreserved seats are sold as reserved seats.
*You cannot watch the event in a ticket category other than the one you purchased.

■ Same-day ticket sales counter
・Please note that tickets will not be sold on the day of the match.

■To visiting team supporters
・Visitor unreserved seats are on the Upper levels(5th floor).
・If you plan to wear visiting team support goods, please purchase a Visitor Unreserved Seat, Category 4 Mixed Fan Seating, or Category 4 FV Mix seat.
Since seats other than the Visitor Unreserved Seats, Category 4 Mixed Fan Seating, and Category 4 FV Mix are home areas, wearing or using support goods is not permitted. Also, even if you are not wearing the visitor uniform or goods, you cannot cheer for the visiting team. Thank you for your understanding.
Customers with tickets for the visitor unreserved seats or wearing visiting team merchandise will not be allowed to enter the Gamba supporter seats area.
Please note that we will be checking whether you are wearing your ticket or merchandise at various points within the concourse when entering each area.
・Preliminary explanation regarding banner display will be provided from 13:30 to 13:50 .
If you are interested, please come to the visitor entrance gate at the specified time.

・Visitor supporter entrance waiting line/line management rules
*Please be sure to check here in advance.

■ Prohibited Actions
-Postings not approved by the club (home clubs only)
・Posting banners, gate flags, large flags, etc. in areas not approved by the club
・Use of confetti and paper tape
・Hitting or kicking stadium facilities (hitting or kicking chairs, etc.)
*Any other actions that the club deems disruptive to the running of the match

■ GAMBA OSAKA Spectator Rules and where displays can be placed
・For details, please check the Spectator Rules below.

■ Rules for using cheering banners and large flags
・Only official flags (flags sold and distributed by GAMBA OSAKA as merchandise) and items that have been applied for in advance and for which the club has contacted you to confirm they can be displayed will be permitted to be displayed.
*Visiting teams do not need to apply for banners.

■ General Information Center
・Outside the venue: Inside the same-day ticket booth (from 14:30)
・Inside the venue: Concourse near Gate 1(from opening)

■ Fan club booth
・Outside the stadium fan club booth (14:30 - 30 minutes after the end of the game)
After kickoff, please enquire at the general information desk inside the stadium.

■ Merchandise sales
・GAMBA OSAKA official shop, Blu SPAZIO,
[From outside the venue: 13:30-15:00]
[From inside the venue, admission is from 15:30 to 18:30]
・The merchandise store inside the stadium is open from the time the stadium opens until 30 minutes after the end of the match.
・The outside merchandise booth will be open from 1:30pm until 30 minutes after the end of the game.

*The location of the booth may change at short notice.
* The MOFLEM Kick Target will be held in the stadium eaves area between Gate 4.

■ Off-site events
・Aokrostar Light LED Bracelet Distribution Booth (from 14:00)
・ROHTO Zi Vision, ROHTO Photo Spot (14:30~)
・Kick Target (14:30~)
・Kaminoyama City Booth (from 14:30)
・Goods Outlet Shop (from 14:30)
・Jojoen bento box sales (from 14:30) *Ends while supplies last
・Suita G Stage(15:30~)
・Mini soccer booth (from 17:00)

■ Blue Closter Light
The stadium will be illuminated at the following times.
Let's liven up the stadium!
・When the players are introduced (around 18:20)
・When the players enter the stadium (around 18:27)
・Gamba Clap (when winning)

■Events at the venue
・Cheer Kids Performance (from 17:00)
・GAMBA OSAKA Cheer Performance (17:15~)
・HEAT UP TIME (17:35~)/Halftime
"Yuki Koyanagi Live Performance"

Please click here for details of the event on the day.

■ Gourmet
○Inside the venue
There are plans for 28 stores (including drink booths) on the Lower levels of the venue, and 3 stores on the Upper levels.
For detailed store locations, please see the Stadium Gourmet page.
*Cans and bottles cannot be brought in, so please be sure to replace them with paper cups before entering.

○Outside the venue (from 13:30 *Only at some stores)
There will also be 20 food and drink establishments outside the venue!
・We will be setting up shop in the "plaza in front of the stadium," "in front of the American football field," and "on the back stand side."
Please enjoy your meals outside too!

■Kids' Room
・Installed in one location on the main side (from opening until 30 minutes after the end of the match)

■Smoking area
・Smoking areas [cigarettes and heated tobacco products] will only be open for the last 10 minutes of the session.
*Please note that cigarette smoking is permitted in the following areas.

■ Exiting and re-entering
・Once you leave, you can only leave for the last 10 minutes of the show, and you can only re-enter for the last 20 minutes of the show.

■ Exit Guidance
・Exits will be distributed through four gates. Please cooperate with measures to reduce crowding.

■ For customers coming by car
If you come by car, you will need to purchase a parking ticket in advance.
・You cannot enter the South Parking Lot or Central Parking Lot without purchasing a parking ticket.
*You cannot park in the South Parking Lot with a Central Parking Ticket.
*Entering and exiting the parking lot may take longer than usual.
The "South Parking Ticket" and "Central Parking Ticket" for this session have been sold out . Thank you for your understanding.
Please use public transportation to get to the venue.

■ For customers coming by motorcycle
・Parking will be in the "South Parking Lot".
*Advance reservations are not required.
・Please pay the fee (210 yen) directly at the South Parking Lot.
・The entrance and exit to the South Parking Lot is the same as for cars, as shown below.

■To customers who have purchased parking tickets for the South Parking Lot
・On match days, the entrance to the South Parking Lot will be different from the usual one, via the Gate 1 side. The usual South Parking Lot entrance/exit will be for exit only, and you will not be able to enter. Please be careful.
*Customers who have purchased a parking ticket must park in the South Parking Lot after 12:30.
If you arrive before 12:30, we may not be able to provide you with a free parking ticket.
*Please note that it may take longer than usual to enter and exit the parking lot. If you are coming by car, please be aware of this in advance. In addition, please refrain from illegal parking near the venue, unauthorized parking at surrounding facilities, and nuisance parking by shuttle cars on surrounding roads, as this causes a great deal of inconvenience to local residents.
On match days, we carry out parking prevention activities under the guidance of local police.

■ For customers coming by bicycle
On the day of the match, if you come to the venue by bicycle, please make sure to
(1) OFA Banpaku Football Center North Side Bicycle Parking Lot
(2) Please park at either the site of the old clubhouse behind Gate 3 or Gate 4.
*Please refrain from illegally parking bicycles near the stadium or at surrounding facilities as this causes great inconvenience to local residents.
*Motorcycles (including mopeds) cannot be parked in the bicycle parking area.
*If you are traveling by motorcycle, please park in the South Parking Lot.

■ Osaka Monorail
・It is expected to be very crowded after the game.
We may restrict entry to ticket gates. Thank you for your cooperation.

■Special bus information
Special buses (fees apply) will be operated.
*The number of each special bus is limited.
Please note that there may be cases where you cannot board the bus.

*Kintetsu Bus
[Before the match starts]
・JR Ibaraki Station to Expo'70 Memorial Stadium(approximately 15 minutes on foot)
[Operating hours] 4 hours before kickoff (scheduled)
[Fare] Adults 230 yen, Children 120 yen
[Platform] West Exit No. 4

[After the match]
・From Expo'70 Memorial Stadium to JR Ibaraki Station
[Fare] Adults 230 yen, Children 120 yen

Hankyu Bus
・From the stadium to Hankyu Yamada Station
[Fare] Adults 230 yen, Children 120 yen
*Fares can be paid in cash or with a nationwide interoperable transportation IC card such as PiTaPa, ICOCA, or hanica.
[Platform location] Rohto Well-being Park
Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd. Suita Office

〇Osaka City Bus
・From the stadium to Osaka Station via Shin-Osaka
[Fare] 1,200 yen (same price for adults and children)
[Platform location] Rohto Well-being Park
[How to apply]
Applications will be accepted at the general information desk outside the premises on the day of operation. A service usage fee (1,200 yen) will be charged at the reception. Those who do not have a "Shin-Osaka Station/Osaka Station Bound Bus Pass" will be given to you in exchange for the service usage fee, and will not be able to board the bus.
[How to board]
Please come to the bus stop at the stadium and present your "Shin-Osaka Station/Osaka Station Bound Bus Pass" to the staff at the bus boarding gate. Once they have confirmed your pass, you will be able to board the bus.
*Please be careful not to board the wrong bus for Yodoyabashi or Namba.
*The travel time may be significantly longer due to road traffic conditions, etc. Furthermore, we will not be held responsible for any delays in departure or arrival due to any circumstances, resulting in you being unable to transfer to other means of transportation.
* Generally, you will be able to remain seated, but you may be asked to stand or sit in an extra seat.
*The train will not stop at any stations other than Shin-Osaka Station and Osaka Station.

[Contact Information]
GAMBA OSAKA Co., Ltd. Match Management
■TEL: 06-6875-6872 (Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00)
*Excluding public holidays, New Year's holidays, and home game days. Other irregular holidays

Nishitetsu Bus
・From the stadium to Namba Station via Yodoyabashi
* Advance reservations required (Those without a reservation will not be able to board on the day.)
[Fare] 1,300 yen (same price for adults and children, tax included)
[Platform location] Rohto Well-being Park
・The travel time may be significantly longer depending on road traffic conditions, etc.
Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible if for any reason you are delayed in arriving and are unable to transfer to other means of transport.
・There will be no stops between Yodoyabashi Station and Namba Station.
・Even if you miss your flight, you will not be able to get a refund or change your ticket to a later date.

[Contact Information]
Nishitetsu Travel GAMBA OSAKA Co., Ltd. Official Tours
〒541-0043 3-2-7 Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
TEL 06-6222-5485
Business hours: Weekdays: 9:30-17:30, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: Closed