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[Preview] Gamba is greedy for victory and will show their current competitive strength against the tough Shonan.

Gamba has won four of its last five games and drawn one. It is in fourth place, seven points behind the leader, but the players are not getting too excited or upset about the results, and are just concentrating on the game in front of them.
"Even though we're winning, there's no sign of anyone being satisfied and we're still hungry. We're hungry to win," said Fukuoka, who fights alongside Nakatani on the back line.

The players, who were disappointed at the end of last season after falling behind in victory, are desperate to win, but it is the individual newcomers who are bringing momentum to the team. Yamashita is starting to show his fit on both offense and defense with his impressive speed, and Yamada, who came on as a substitute in the match against FC Tokyo, scored his long-awaited first goal for Gamba.
As Usami said, "It's good for the team when substitute players produce results in terms of numbers and when a different hero appears each week," and the team's unity has created the current positive cycle.

The away game against Shonan, where they will be aiming for their first three consecutive wins of the season, will be a literal all-out war.
Shonan, led by one of Gamba's legends, Head Coach Yamaguchi, is currently in 18th place. In the previous round, they were leading by two points but suffered a painful comeback defeat to Iwata, so they will be fired up to restart at home.
"The opponent has had good results at home, so it will be a difficult match. They are a team with high intensity and a clear idea of ​​what they need to do," said Head Coach Poyatos, and Shonan will play tough and put up a hard-working front.

However, Gamba, who boast the fewest goals conceded in the league, also has no intention of falling behind in terms of hard work. "We've been able to show intensity as a team, so we want to continue that," said Usami, who wants to continue playing an aggressive defense that is unified from the front to the back line, but the key to the Shonan match will be risk management and accuracy during attacks.
Gamba will want to move the ball aggressively against Shonan, who will be using a five-back formation, but what they must be wary of is passing the ball after winning it or making careless mistakes when in possession.
"We have the impression that Shonan is good at making short counterattacks, so we need to be careful," (Head Coach Poyatos).

Shonan has announced that their defensive mainstays Hata and KIM Min Tae will be out due to injury, but with Takahashi, who grew up in GAMBA OSAKA youth team, on the backline, they will likely come out determined to face the opposition.
As of the end of the previous round, Shonan had the second-worst number of goals conceded in the league, but had scored 22. They have an offensive line that cannot be underestimated due to their forward momentum, but the two who need to be particularly careful are Lukian, who has scored six goals, and Shoki Sho FUKUDA , the younger brother of Yuya FUKUDA , who is also enjoying a breakthrough this season with six goals.
Also, former Gamba player Abe, who is on the bench, and Onoe, who has returned from injury, are both likely to be included in the squad for this match, so it will be important to be wary of them as they will come into the game highly motivated.

While it would be ideal for them to move the ball and attack, Gamba's weapon is now the counter attack, taking advantage of the speed of Yamashita and WELTON. As Usami said, "We want to make the best decisions while watching the opponent's situation and the game progress," Gamba wants to show off its competitive side this season even on away grounds.