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[Preview] The first step to the top. Gamba shows their team strength and wins the difficult EMPEROR'S CUP first match

Gamba is currently in third place in the league after their first three consecutive wins this season. They will face off against teams higher up the league in June, but the first hurdle they must overcome is the 2nd Leg of the EMPEROR'S CUP .
It has been more than 10 days since Gamba's last match against Shonan, a victory that showed their growth this season, and Head Coach Poyatos revealed his efforts to revitalize the offense, saying, "We have placed importance on breaking the line in the final third of the opposition's half."
Currently, Gamba has conceded 12 goals in 17 league games. Although they boast a strong defense with the fewest conceded goals in the league, they will be able to make further progress if they can address the issues they have left on the offensive side.
Gamba will be without Handa, who has been called up to the Japan U-23 national team, and Ravi, who has been called up to the Israel national team, but the 2nd Leg match against Fukushima will be a test of the team's strength.
With a league match against Kashiwa scheduled in four days, it is possible that a different lineup than that used in previous league matches will be used, but both the manager and players know that playing against lower-category teams is by no means easy.

"I learned that in soccer you have to run hard and play with high intensity, and that you shouldn't underestimate a game like this. That's what I tell my players," said Head Coach.
In the Levain Cup, they suffered a disappointing defeat to J3 team Ryukyu, but this is why it is important not to be swayed by the opponent's momentum.
Fukuoka also said, "It's important to play our own style of football, not to adjust to the fact that the opponent is in a lower category."

Unlike Ryukyu, which relied on counterattacks, Fukushima, currently in 6th place in J3 and within the playoff zone, is showing signs of progress this season with its attacking style.
"The opposing Head Coach used to be a coach at Kawasaki F and plays good football" (Head Coach). Coach Terada, who was selected Head Coach in May after three consecutive wins in the league, is building an offensive style that moves the ball with a 4-3-3 formation. That's why Gamba wants to create rhythm with aggressive and effective defense from the front and sharply approach Fukushima's goal.

The team will need to further improve its strength not only for the weekend's match against Kashiwa, but also for the tough opponents that await in the future. However, Head Coach Poyatos also has confidence in JEBALI , saying, "We are a team in which everyone has a role to play in scoring goals, but JEBALI is also an essential player."
Not only did they beat Oyama Soccer Club 9-0 in the 1st Leg of the EMPEROR'S CUP , but they also have the explosive power to crush Morioka 9-0 in J3 this season, so the players to watch out for are lone striker Sawagami and right winger Shiohama, who has scored the team's most league goals with six.
Higashiguchi, who has yet to play in an official match this season, may also be in the goal, but the veteran goalkeeper knows the difficulty of cup matches. "The opponents will be coming at us with all their might, so it's all about how well we can fight as a team. I want to make sure that we get the players focused through coaching at the start of the match," Higashiguchi said.

In the cup match, the question is the result rather than the content. With everyone's power, we will overcome the first hurdle.