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[Online Shop] New products such as MOFFICÉ and secret wire name keychains will be on sale from 12:00 on Tuesday, June 18th

New products such as MOFFICÉ and secret wire name keychains will be available for sale at the online shop.

2024 Fan Club members can purchase tickets at the fan club price (5% off) after logging in.

[Sales start] June 18th (Tue) 12:00~
[Sales store] GAMBA OSAKA Online Shop

◇New Product◇

Room Fragrance & Fabric Spray is a spray bottle that can be used to spray fragrance into the room like a mist.
It is easy to adjust the concentration; just one push for a subtle scent, or a few more pushes for a stronger scent.
It also functions as a "fabric spray" that can be used on clothing and bedding, so you can enjoy the MOFFICÉ scent in various situations in your daily life.
[Price] 1,540 yen (tax included)

■ Secret wire keychain

[Price] 1,100 yen (tax included)
[Player development] 17 types
Higashiguchi/Fukuoka/Handa/Kurokawa/Miura/ NETA LAVI/Usami/Shokuno/ Meshino/Kurata/ ISSAM JEBALI/Fukuda/Nakatani/ Ichimori/ DAWHAN/Nakamura/ JUAN ALANO
*This product is a gacha-style product where you will find out which product you have won immediately after completing your order, and can only be purchased with a credit card.
*As this is a secret item, you cannot choose the design. If you purchase multiple items, you may receive the same design.

■ Embroidered keychains

[Price] 1,320 yen (tax included)
[Type] Emblem/ MOFLEM

■ Chest pocket T-shirt

[Price] 7,480 yen (tax included)
[Size] S / M / L / O / XO

■ Mascot fan cap

[Price] 3,300 yen (tax included)

[Notes on purchasing from the online shop]
[About the purchase page]
- The color of the actual product may look different depending on the environment of the monitor you are viewing. Also, the design is an image. It may differ from the actual product. Thank you for your understanding.

[About payment]
- The convenience store payment period is 2 days from the day after purchase.
- For customers who choose convenience store payment, please note that your order will be confirmed after payment is completed. Also, if payment is not made within the payment period, it will be automatically canceled.

[About cancellation and order changes]
- We cannot cancel orders after they have been placed. Also, please note that we cannot add or change orders after they have been confirmed.

[About product delivery]
- Depending on the weather and traffic conditions, it may take some time for delivery.
- Depending on the congestion of orders, it may take some time for delivery.
- Regardless of the order order order, shipping may be delayed or advanced.

[Other notes]
- Please refrain from purchasing products for the purpose of resale.