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2024.5.20[HOME TOWN]

Toyonaka City Career Education "G Smile Class 2024" Launches

The career education "G Smile Class," which was launched as a result of the comprehensive partnership agreement with Toyonaka City in 2021, is back on track this year.

The "G Smile Class" is conducted with the cooperation of the Toyonaka City Board of Education and the GAMBA OSAKA Alumni Association, and involves visits to elementary and junior high schools in Toyonaka City to talk about the players' experiences and to help children have dreams and hopes, as well as develop a tenacious attitude towards tackling challenges.
And as the name suggests, we will be carrying out activities that will leave you with a smile on your face, even more so than when you started.

Today, we visited Toyonaka Municipal Ueno Elementary School and welcomed former Japanese national team player Hayato OKANAKA as a lecturer. He spoke to 177 fourth graders about the importance of having dreams and hopes, and the importance of having fun, drawing on his own experiences.
This year, the group plans to visit nine schools, including the elementary school.

GAMBA OSAKA will continue to work on activities to bring smiles to the local community, especially in its hometown, and strive to deliver at least some of its dreams and hopes to the community.