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2024.6.18[HOME TOWN] SDGs

June 17th (Mon.) "35th Hometown Interaction Activity (Suita City, Ibaraki City)" Implementation Report

On Monday, June 17th, the "35th Hometown Interaction Activity" was held at 30 schools in Suita City and Ibaraki City.

These contact activities have been carried out since 2003 with the cooperation of each city's board of education, with the aim of promoting the healthy development of young people living in their hometowns.

This time, the players and coaching staff used class time to visit 15 elementary schools in Suita City and 15 elementary schools in Ibaraki City.

Players, team staff, club staff, and academy coaches were divided into 10 groups and interacted with approximately 6,200 children.

The children's eyes were wide as they watched the players up close, cheering at every play. In a mini-game between the children and players, they chased the ball with all their might, and the venue was filled with smiles.
This year too, the traditional match between the "players' team" and the "teachers' team" was held, and when the teachers' team scored a point the crowd erupted in excitement, just like at Panasonic Stadium Suita, and the children joined in the celebration.

I received a call from a player I admire.

Chase the ball with your favorite player

High-five with your favorite player

Jiro NAKAMURA returns to his alma mater in triumph

Players choose participants for the mini-game

After the mini-game there was a question and answer session for the children.
The "interaction activities" that take place as part of the lessons aim not only to teach soccer, but also to allow students to communicate with the players .
The players carefully answered each of the questions that the children had thought carefully about, and the children listened to them with serious expressions on their faces.

At the elementary school they visited during the fourth period, after the interaction activity the players headed to the classroom and shared a meal with the students, deepening their connections with them.

I have thought about various questions.

It was a fun meal time.

We would like to thank the Suita City and Ibaraki City Boards of Education for their cooperation in this interaction activity, as well as the students and school staff at each of the elementary schools that we visited!

GAMBA OSAKA will continue to value interactions with children in its hometown and will be actively involved in projects to promote the healthy development of young people.

This project is being carried out with the support of GAMBAssist companies.
GAMBA OSAKA will continue to work with many people, including those in its hometown, to become a club that is loved by the local community.

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