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[Preview] Gamba will get revenge for their home defeat on the road. Revenge is the only goal for Gamba against Kashima.

At Panasonic Stadium Suita, which was packed with 32,366 fans, Gamba put up a thrilling fight against Kobe and won. Nakatani proudly stated, "It's a big deal that we were able to beat Kobe, and we were able to hold our own and exploit their weaknesses," in a match in which they held their own against the previous year's champions, who they had shut out twice last season.
Gamba got off to a great start in the first game of the three-match series, which is a direct confrontation between the top teams, and is now just two points behind Machida, who are in first place. However, before the match against Machida, they have a hurdle to overcome: Kashima, who are in second place with 37 points, the same as Gamba.

"Personally, I think that playing against Kashima away is the most difficult of the three-match series," said Usami. As he said, since their victory in the 2016 season, Gamba have been struggling in official matches at Kashima Stadium, with three draws and six losses.
"I've heard that away games against Kashima aren't a good match for us, but we've won against such opponents this season," Nakatani said reassuringly. However, Gamba's strength will be tested again with back-to-back games just three days apart.

The only loss at Panasonic Stadium Suita this season was against Kashima on April 28, but the key to success will be how well they can move the ball. "Kashima will press hard, so it will be a difficult match. They will tighten the center, so we want to use combinations to advance from the outside," said Head Coach Poyatos.
In the previous match against Urawa, all of Kashima's starters were Japanese, but the two strikers Suzuki and Nago will need to switch gears and find space without fear of the pressure from a hard-working Kashima side.

Of course, the two wingers, WELTON, who scored a superb goal in the previous match, and Yamashita, who has won every official match he has started in, will also be key to beating Kashima.
Right-back Nono, who allowed a goal in the home game, has scored five goals despite being a full-back, but WELTON is also full of motivation, saying "It's not my first time playing against Kashima, and I was able to score a goal at home that led to a victory, so we can end the first half of the league in good form."

Whether it's a ball-moving attack or a quick attack, it's always Usami who is at the center of the attack. "While we continue to expand our potential as a team, I want to accelerate my results in numbers as an individual," said the number 7, who will be at the forefront of the attack against Kashima with all of his technique, ideas, and leadership.

Gamba is currently on a five-game winning streak and is in great form with seven wins and one draw in the last eight games. However, Kashima is also on a roll after their win against Gamba in the 10th Sec., and has been accumulating points with seven wins and three draws in the last ten games.
The two players to watch out for are Suzuki, who has scored the most goals on the team with 10, and Nago, who has 5 assists. Of course, Nono's attacking participation is also important to watch out for, but Kashima's simple but powerful attacks, including set pieces, require caution. Also, Aleksandar CAVRIC, who has 6 goals and 3 assists, is waiting in the wings, and his scoring ability, second in the league, should not be underestimated.
Kashima is undefeated at home this season. However, Nakatani stated firmly:
"Kashima is the only team we've lost to at home. We want to get revenge on them at their home stadium because they beat us at home."
The time has come to put an end to the negative history at Kashima Stadium.