Sanfrecce Hiroshoma 3-0 Gamba Osaka

Gamba Osaka traveled to Sanfrecce Hiroshima for their final away game of their J1 season and came back with their tails between their legs, comprehensively defeated 3-0. The away team allowed 21 goal attempts, while registering just three themselves. In corners the score was 7-1 to the home team in a disastrous game. In the last three J1 seasons now, Gamba have lost five times and drawn once against Sanfrecce, despite, again on this day, having a much bigger and better squad on paper.

Gamba were 2-0 down by the 11th minute, after conceding goals to Makoto Mitsuta and Shuto Nakano. Mutsuki Kato added the third and final nail in the coffin just after half time, and that is probably all that can be said of this game. Musashi Suzuki had earned a rare start, but did nothing with it. Yota Sato had his chance to impress in defence, but failed, and no one on the Gamba side came out of this game with anything to boast about.

Team - Higashiguchi, Sato, Miura, Kwon (Nakano, 84'), Handa, Yamamoto, Dawhan, Kurokawa, Kurata (Yamami, 60'), Meshino (Jebali, 60'), Suzuki (Usami, 67')