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Kishibe Special School

GAMBA OSAKA Agility School

~ Agility School produced by GAMBA OSAKA~

Agility means quickness, agility, and agility, and is an important element in various sports, including soccer.
It also means "the ability to control the body during movement," and there is agility training to improve this ability.

Starting in July 2024 (3 months), we are currently accepting applications for GAMBA OSAKA Agility School (students)!!

[Concept] Improve various athletic abilities and agility, and improve coordination (body usage, balance, etc.)
At the school, we use ladders, hurdles, and other equipment to conduct training that incorporates a variety of movement elements.
We aim to improve agility, athletic ability in ball games, jumping, running, etc., and physical strength, as well as coordination (how to use the body, balance, etc.)!
Learn to control your body and improve a variety of athletic abilities, and use this to master skills in various sports, including soccer!
For children who normally play soccer, this program aims to improve agility, which is necessary to improve competitive ability in addition to technical aspects. For children who want to start playing other sports, including soccer, this program will help them master the motor skills that are common to all sports, such as jumping, running, and moving quickly!
Even if you're not learning a sport, if you just want to become faster, please come and join us!
We are recruiting new applicants as follows:
Space is limited, so applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis .
You will be instructed by a dedicated coach from GAMBA OSAKA School (JATI certified training instructor (JATI-ATI) holder). Please take this opportunity to join us.

Recommended for these people!
I want to exercise outside of regular practice for soccer or other sports.
I want to improve my athletic ability so that I can apply it to various sports.
I want to be faster (I want to be able to move faster)
I want to improve my regular practice and non-technical athletic skills.

Application Requirements

Starts July 2024
We are still recruiting participants for "GAMBA OSAKA Agility School"!

We are continuing to recruit students for the GAMBA OSAKA Agility School, which will start in July 2024!

subject As of July 2024, boys and girls in 3rd to 6th grade
Please select one of the grade levels within the days below.
Recruitment day
Grades Recruitment day
Elementary school 3rd to 6th grade (all grades) Monday
Event period July to September 2024 (3-month course) 12 sessions in total
*Please note that we may not be able to hold the event if the minimum number of participants for each grade is not reached.
*Practice is basically once a week (3 month course). Monday
*The school provides both training using ladders and hurdles as well as training using balls.
Practice location

Sportivo Suita
*Night lighting available
Address: 4 and 5 Kishibe Shinmachi, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
10-minute walk from JR Kishibe Station/15-minute walk from JR Suita Station
Parking available on-site (charged) If full, there is paid parking available nearby

Practice time
Grades Time (Capacity)
3rd to 6th grade elementary school 17:00-18:00 (Capacity: 20 people)
Registration fee: 1,700 yen (including insurance and administrative fees)
Fee: 19,200 yen (tax included) for a total of 12 sessions (3 months) *1,600 yen per session
Implementation Schedule
Operational Guidelines
Points to note when using the facilities
How to apply for membership We are currently accepting applications, so please apply by email .
Please fill out the following information and send it by email.

"GAMBA OSAKA Agility School Enrollment Application"

◆Main text
  1. School year
  2. Participant's name (kanji/kana)
  3. Participant's date of birth
  4. sex
  5. Guardian name
  6. contact address
  7. Address (starting with zip code)

    Please be sure to fill in 1 to 7.
  8. Email address *An email address that can receive emails from the school office
  • Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis (registration will close once capacity is reached).
  • If you apply by email, we will contact you by email with details of how to join and the participation fee.
  • We will send a confirmation of receipt from an email address with the " " domain within a few days, so please check your spam filter in advance to ensure that you can receive the reply.
  • Participation fees (the participation fee varies depending on when you join) must be paid by bank transfer.
  • Cancellations and refunds will not be accepted after the application has been completed.
  • Practice will be held rain or shine as we will be using an artificial turf field.
  • Although a ball will be used during the program, ball practice is not the main focus, so you do not need to bring soccer shoes.
  • There is no make-up system in place for absences.
  • Please make your own way to the practice venue (there are no school buses, etc.).
Please agree to all of the above before applying.
Application period We are currently accepting new members (applications will close once we reach capacity)
Contact Information GAMBA OSAKA School Office
Phone: 06-6876-0111
(Tuesday to Friday 10:00 to 12:00 / 13:00 to 16:00 *Excluding public holidays and club holidays)