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Super Elite Class

About the Super Elite Class

The GAMBA OSAKA Super Elite Class aims to develop creative players who can compete on the world stage. Selected players from the 4th to 6th grades of elementary school participate in high-level training sessions every other week that will lead to higher levels of play.

The staff is mainly made up of junior youth coaches from the GAMBA OSAKA Academy, and the small but elite team uses the large artificial turf soccer field to provide a wide range of training content and forward-thinking instruction.
This course, which began in 2015, has not only seen many players promoted to GAMBA OSAKA Junior Youth, but graduates also go on to play for other clubs.
The Super Elite Class does not register players. Practices are only held on weekdays, and there are no activities during spring/summer/winter holidays, so players can continue playing with their current team.
At the GAMBA OSAKA Academy, you will grow together with other top players of your age, receive instruction from coaches suited to your level, and be inspired by them.

Gamba Osaka Super Elite Class: OFA Expo Football Center

Instructors (2024)


  • 6th grade coach, Arata Kodama

    6th grade coach

    Arata KODAMA
    Arata KODAMA
    October 8, 1982
    Born in Osaka Prefecture
  • 5th grade coach Shinya Yasumoto

    5th grade coach

    Shinya Yasumoto
    Masaya YASUMOTO
    May 31, 1988
    Born in Osaka Prefecture
  • 4th grade coach, Arata Kodama

    4th grade coach

    Takahiro SHIMADA
    Takahiro SHIMADA
    February 9, 1965
    Born in Osaka Prefecture
  • Goalkeeper coach Yosuke Fujigaya

    GK coach

    Yosuke FUJIGAYA
    Yosuke FUJIGAYA
    February 13, 1981
    Born in Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Goalkeeper coach Yuma Morimoto

    GK coach

    Yuuma Morimoto
    July 26, 1982
    Born in Chiba Prefecture
  • Coach Tsuyoshi Munakata


    Tsuyoshi Munakata
    September 12, 1977
    Born in Osaka Prefecture
  • Coach Daisuke Mizoguchi


    Daisuke Mizoguchi
    Daisuke MIZOGUCHI
    April 17, 1992
    Born in Osaka Prefecture
  • Coach Shusuke Itoda


    Shusuke Itoda
    Shusuke ITODA
    January 6, 1996
    Born in Kyoto Prefecture


We nurture elite soccer players who will soar to the world stage in a great environment with small class sizes!

GAMBA OSAKA runs the "GAMBA OSAKA Super Elite Class" for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders with the aim of "developing players who can compete on the world stage."
This class is for small groups of around 20 players of each age group, and is directly instructed by GAMBA OSAKA junior youth coaches, with the aim of developing high-level play and mentality.
(We will not operate as a team and will not be registered with the Football Association.)

We will now be holding a selection process to enter this GAMBA OSAKA super elite class.
Only those who pass the final selection will be able to participate in training for the 2024 GAMBA OSAKA Super Elite Class.
For those who wish to receive high-level GK training, a dedicated GK coach from the GAMBA OSAKA Academy will provide direct instruction to small groups.
Two courses (A and B) will be held at the Banpaku! (All course allocations will be handled by us.)

2024 GAMBA OSAKA Super Elite Class Overview

Target grade Boys currently in "5th grade (new 6th grade)", "4th grade (new 5th grade)", or "3rd grade (new 4th grade)"
* Selection available for all grades
Capacity Approximately 20 students per course/year (including goalkeepers)
Achievements GAMBA OSAKA Osaka Junior Youth Promotion: 9 players in 2021, 14 players in 2022, 12 players in 2023
Number of practice sessions Twice a month, about 18 times a year
(April to March *Excluding August *Scheduled for every other Thursday, not on public holidays)
Practice time Scheduled for 19:15-20:45
Practice venue Within Expo’70 Commemorative Park, mainly the OFA Banpaku Football Center
course Based on the annual training calendar established by GAMBA OSAKA, two courses have been set up: "Schedule A" and "Schedule B".
*There are no level differences between courses.
Expenses Annual membership fee: 59,400 yen, registration fee: 1,100 yen (paid in one lump sum upon joining)
*Practice wear must be purchased separately if desired.
  • We will not be registering with the Japan Football Association, so players from other teams can also participate.
  • Successful candidates will be selected from the entire selection process and assigned to two courses (based on dates).
  • We plan to hold special joint training sessions for the two courses several times a year.
Contact Information GAMBA OSAKA Academy
Phone: 06-6875-8111
(Tuesday to Friday 10:00 to 16:00 *Club holidays and national holidays excluded)

Application Requirements

GAMBA OSAKA Super Elite Class 2024 Selection

Date and Time For current 5th graders (new 6th graders), Saturday, January 27, 2024, registration opens at 17:00 or 19:00
For current 4th graders (new 5th graders), Sunday, January 28, 2024, registration opens at 17:00 or 19:00
For current 3rd grade elementary school students (new 4th graders), Saturday, February 3, 2024, registration opens at 17:00 or 19:00
venue Expo’70 Commemorative Park Park, OFA Banpaku Football Center B (next to Panasonic Stadium Suita)
Address: 3-3 Banpaku, Suita City
Entry fee 4,400 yen (insurance included)
*Payment by credit card on the web
How to apply

Please apply via the GAMBA OSAKA official website.

Please fill in all the required information in the application form.
The participation fee paid at the time of registration will not be refunded under any circumstances.
After completing your application, you will receive an automatic reply email, and after the selection application deadline (around the end of January), we will send you the exam information and exam ticket to your home address.

[Major input items]
  1. full name
  2. Date of birth / Gender
  3. Parent's name
  4. address
  5. A phone number where you can be contacted during the day
  6. email address
  7. Note 1: All past training centers, selection years, and careers
  8. Note 2: Details if there is an official match or school event on the selection candidate date (see notes below)
  9. school name
  10. height
  11. body weight
  12. foot size
  13. Dominant foot
  14. blood type
  15. position
  16. Football career
  17. Current team name (school name)
*Please fill in all fields without fail.
Application acceptance period Friday, December 8, 2023, 10:00 - Monday, January 8, 2024 (National Holiday) Deadline
  • You cannot choose the date and time of your selection. All decisions will be made by the club.
    If you wish to participate in the selection process, please fill in the details only if the selection process overlaps with either "(1) the date of an official match for your current team" or "(2) a school event" (for official matches, you will need "tournament name / match date / time"; for school events, you will need "event date / content / time").
    Please note that non-official matches and all personal reasons will not be considered in the schedule.
    Please note that we cannot accommodate any schedule adjustments after your application has been completed, so please make sure to check the details in advance and make sure you do not forget to enter any information.
  • All training will take place at the Banpaku.
  • This will be the first selection round, and only those who pass the first round will take the final second selection round on a different day.
  • For those who complete their application by the deadline, we will send you the exam information after the deadline (scheduled to be sent by the end of January).
  • Please note that cancellations and refunds cannot be accepted after application.
  • If you pass the audition, please inform your current team (school) of your intention to participate.
  • Currently, students enrolled in any of the GAMBA OSAKA Junior Schools can also participate, but the application process will be the same as above.
Contact Information GAMBA OSAKA Academy
Phone: 06-6875-8111
(Tuesday to Friday *Excluding public holidays and club holidays 10:00 to 17:00)

Application procedure

Applications will be made via the dedicated web page. Please apply using the following method.

Step 1: Apply online from the GAMBA OSAKA official website (PC/smartphone)

Click on the "Start application process" button to go to the online application page.


Confirm and enter the applicable course

Please select the event you wish to apply for.

Web application page image

Web application page TOP page

Web application page image

Web application page Birth date input screen

Select the course you wish to attend and enter the necessary information to complete the application process.

*You can only apply for selections that are currently accepting applications (all applicants during the application period can participate).

※Those outside the target grades cannot apply.

Step 2: Pay the selection fee
Payment must be made by credit card.
Please enter the required information and make payment.
Step 3: Confirm registration details and apply
Please check the information you entered on the registration confirmation page.

If there are no errors in the information you entered, please click the "Apply" button to apply.
Step 4: Complete your application

Once you press the "Apply" button and the application completion screen appears, you will receive an email confirming your application.

*To receive the application completion email, please check your spam settings to ensure that you can receive emails from the following domains.


There have been many cases where the application completion email has been automatically sorted into the "spam folder."
If you do not receive an email, please check your email software.

Step 5: The secretariat will send you the date and time of your participation and your exam ticket by mail
Approximately two weeks after the selection application deadline, the secretariat will send you the participation date and time and the examination ticket by mail.