When is the match taking place?

When is the match taking place?

Over the course of 10 months from February to December each year, 19 MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE matches and other events are held at Panasonic Stadium Suita, the home stadium of GAMBA OSAKA!

Match Type

There are several tournament types held throughout the year, and players fight every day for the respective titles.


    The top professional soccer league in Japan. The league is played in a round - robin format with two home and away matches. It is usually held from February to December, and the top three clubs will earn the right to play in the Asian Champions League. Lower-ranked clubs will be relegated to the J2 League.


    A total of 60 teams from J1, J2, and J3 compete for the top spot in this tournament, which is one of the three major domestic titles alongside the Meiji Yasuda J.League and the EMPEROR'S CUP. It is also famous as a gateway to success for young players, with the establishment of the New Hero Award for players under the age of 21.


    This tournament has a history of over 100 years, and professionals and amateurs compete on the same stage to become number one in Japan. It is held in a tournament format. The winning club will be given the right to participate in the Asia Champions League and the FUJI FILM SUPER CUP.


    A tournament between the winners of the previous year's MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE and the winners of the EMPEROR'S CUP. It is usually held in February before the league starts. From 1994 to 2021, the tournament was called "FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP". It will be renamed in 2022.


Where is it taking place?

Where is it taking place?

Panasonic Stadium Suita, where GAMBA OSAKA's home games are held, is located in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, and can be reached by Osaka Monorail or special bus from JR Ibaraki Station. Nearby are Expo’70 Commemorative Park and LaLaport EXPOCITY.

Panasonic Stadium Suita

565-0826 3-3 Banpaku, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
15 minutes walk from Banpaku-Kinen-Koen Station on the Osaka Monorail
From JR Ibaraki Station, take the special bus (get off at Expo'70 Memorial Stadium) and walk for about 20 minutes
Approximately 15 minutes by local bus from JR Ibaraki Station (get off at the Kinen Koen-minamiguchi Exit)

access map

How do I buy tickets?

How do I buy tickets?

It is convenient to purchase tickets online at "GAMBA TICKET(J.League Ticket)". If you purchase a QR ticket, you do not need to print the ticket and there is no fee for printing.
The recommended seat type is Category 2! If you are watching with your family, we also recommend Category 4 or 5, which are available for youth students.

*A J.League ID is required to purchase tickets.
*Please note that Category 4, Category 5 and Category 6 unreserved seats are located on the Upper levels berths.

How to purchase tickets


  • Select the match you want to watch

  • Select the seat type and number of tickets

  • Choose your seat

  • Enter your payment information

  • Get your QR ticket!

How do I buy tickets?

How do I buy tickets?
Seating Plan

What time should I go?

What time should I go?

We recommend arriving at the stadium 90 minutes before kick-off!
The players start warming up about 45 minutes before kickoff, so arrive early to enjoy the events and the stadium gourmet food that Panasonic Stadium Suita is so proud of.

Stadium Map
  • Stadium Gourmet

    There are many restaurants offering a wide variety of gourmet food, mainly located in the Lower levels concourse of the stadium and food trucks outside the stadium. Don't miss the menu items created in collaboration with the players.

  • GAMBA OSAKA MDP online

    This is the online matchday program that includes highlights of the match, pre-match comments from players, and interviews. Different wallpaper images are also distributed for each match.

  • Suita G Stage

    The Suita G Stage, set up outside the stadium, will host performances by the GAMBA OSAKA Cheer Dance Team and Cheer Kids, as well as talk shows by Gamba alumni.


    Enjoy the club support program "HEAT UP TIME" on the large screen in the stadium. Broadcast starts one hour before the scheduled kickoff time. LIVE streaming is also available on YouTube.

  • Blu SPAZIO / MOFLEM Shop

    Get your hands on support goods and souvenirs at the merchandise shop " Blu SPAZIO ." There is also a MOFLEM shop on the third floor concourse of the stadium, which stocks Mofurem goods.

  • MOFLEM Activities

    The " MOFLEM FUWAFUWA " where you can have fun jumping around inside MOFLEM 's tummy and the MOFLEM Slider that slides down a height difference of 5 meters are very popular with kids. *There is a fee for use.


Introducing how to enjoy

What time should I go?

We recommend coming 90 minutes before kickoff!
The players' warm-ups began about 45 minutes before kick-off.
Please come to the event with plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor events and food from the food trucks.
Get support goods!

  • 90 minutes before kick off

    Arrived at the stadium! Enjoy various events and food trucks outside the stadium!

  • 50 minutes before kick off

    Enter the Panasonic Stadium Suita and enjoy a wide variety of delicious food!

  • 45 minutes before kick off

    Players warming up!

  • 15 minutes before kick off

    The starting lineup is announced on the large screen!
    The away side vision, which has been enlarged to approximately twice the size, is truly impressive!

  • 5 minutes before kick off

    The players finally enter!
    During night games, the lights in the stadium are turned off and lighting effects are created.


    Cheer and clap to support your team! Fight for victory with the players on the pitch.

Enjoy watching the game with your family♪ The stadium is well-equipped with facilities

The stadium is equipped with a variety of facilities to ensure that everyone can enjoy watching the game in safety and comfort.

  • General Information Center

    If you have any questions or concerns, please come to the general information desk. We will also provide information on events taking place on the day, exchange gifts, and assist with lost property or lost children. We are located next to the ticket booth and inside the venue.

  • Barrier-free toilets

    There are men's, women's and barrier-free toilets in the concourses (the barrier-free toilets in the main stand are ostomate-accessible).

  • Nursing room

    There are nursing rooms equipped with water servers (two locations, one on the main side and one in the back). Diaper changing beds are also installed in each toilet.

  • Kids Room

    An air-conditioned kids' room is located in the Lower levels concourse on the main stand side (children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian). Eating and drinking are prohibited.

  • Stroller storage

    There are stroller storage facilities located under the gates near all entrance gates (please note that Gate 3 may be closed at times).

  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

    A wheelchair-accessible entrance is located under the gate near Gate 1.


Get to know GAMBA OSAKA!

Get to know Gamba Osaka!


GAMBA OSAKA has a lot of players on its roster!
Find your favorite player and cheer them on!


  • DF2 Shota FUKUOKA

  • DF3 Riku HANDA

  • DF4 Keisuke KUROKAWA

  • DF5 Genta MIURA


  • FW7 Takashi USAMI

  • FW8 Ryotaro MESHINO

  • MF9 Kota YAMADA

  • MF10 Shu KURATA



  • MF14 Yuya FUKUDA

  • DF15 Takeru KISHIMOTO

  • MF16 Tokuma SUZUKI

  • FW17 Ryoya YAMASHITA

  • DF19 Ibuki KONNO

  • DF20 Shinnosuke NAKATANI


  • Midfielder 23 DAWHAN

  • DF24 Yusei EGAWA


  • MF27 Rin MITO

  • GK31 ZHANG Ao Lin

  • DF33 Shinya NAKANO

  • FW40 Shoji TOYAMA

  • MF41 Jiro NAKAMURA

  • DF46 Riku MATSUDA


  • MF48 Hideki ISHIGE

  • FW91 Daichi HAYASHI



Spectator Rules

Spectating Rules

Follow the Spectator Rules and enjoy the event!