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School and Program Overview

About School, Clinic and Lessons

GAMBA OSAKA holds schools and clinics for a wide range of age groups and levels of soccer proficiency.

[NEW] Girls Soccer School

This is a girls-only course. Girls can have fun while improving their soccer skills.
For those who want to start playing soccer! For those who want to play soccer with only girls! For those who want to practice extra in addition to their regular practice!
Get together with your female friends and experience the fun of playing soccer alone, and create opportunities to interact with your peers through soccer!

[NEW] Suita Kids Soccer Class

This is a school for children who want to interact with soccer balls and enjoy ball sports.
This class will focus on playing with balls and using balls to get the body moving, so please feel free to join us.
We welcome children who want to get active through soccer, as well as those who want to start playing soccer.

Kishibe Special School

As a special school venue, we will be offering a variety of specialized courses never before seen!

Banpaku Soccer Clinic

As a lifelong sport that helps promote health for a wide range of age groups, we hold "Adult Soccer Clinics" under the guidance of GAMBA OSAKA Academy coaches, which are open to everyone, regardless of soccer experience or beginners.

Hirakata Adult Soccer Clinic

At GAMBA OSAKA Academy, we hold "Adult Soccer Clinics" under the guidance of GAMBA OSAKA Academy coaches, in which anyone, regardless of soccer experience or beginner level, can easily participate as a lifelong sport that also helps improve the health of people of all ages.

Banpaku Position Clinic

GAMBA OSAKA holds two clinics throughout the year, one for GK and one for offense, to teach basic techniques and ways of thinking with the aim of improving the level of each position and contributing to the community.

Short-term Clinic

We hold short-term soccer clinics, such as "English Soccer Clinics," where coaches provide instruction and communicate in simple English.

[NEW] Takatsuki Clinic (Adults/Junior High School Students)

At the Takatsuki venue, we will be holding an adult soccer clinic that even beginners are welcome to participate in, as well as a junior high school soccer clinic led by a dedicated coach from GAMBA OSAKA School!

Ibaraki Advance

At the Ibaraki Futsal Court "Noah Futsal Stage Ibaraki", we hold various mid-term clinics for juniors, adults, and parents and children. We provide training specialized for improving skills in small groups, which is unique to futsal courts.


We are running the "GAMBA OSAKA Junior High School Soccer Club" for people who love soccer but have had few opportunities to play until now, and for junior high school students who want to take this opportunity to enjoy soccer.

Private Soccer Lessons

We provide lessons at convenient times and according to customer requests for those who wish to acquire and improve their individual soccer skills, in addition to team practice. We also provide private lessons for GK upon request.

Super Elite Class

With the aim of developing creative players who can compete on the world stage, players from 4th to 6th grade, who have been selected through a selection process, participate in high-level training sessions every other week that will lead to higher levels of play. While competing with top-level players of the same age, you will receive guidance from coaches suited to your level, and grow together at the GAMBA OSAKA Academy.


We are active with the hope that all members will enjoy soccer and grow to love it even more. In addition to learning the fundamentals of soccer, we aim to improve discipline, cooperation, courtesy and concentration through soccer, as well as to develop rich personalities and humanity that will serve as a model for society.

Striker & Goalkeeper School

We have teamed up with the soccer school run by the "Seeds Banpaku Futsal School" to open the "Striker & GK School." Aimed at 4th to 6th grade elementary school students, we will teach them the skills and techniques required for strikers and goalkeepers. As a coach, Ruima Kuwahara ( GK ), a former member of GAMBA OSAKA Youth, will participate in the clinic and coach students on real techniques and the skills of a GK!