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GAMBA OSAKA Ibaraki Advance

GAMBA OSAKA Ibaraki Advance will hold a mid-term clinic for juniors and adults at the Ibaraki Futsal Field!

At GAMBA OSAKA, we will be holding a futsal event for juniors, adults and parents at the Ibaraki futsal field, "Noah Futsal Stage Ibaraki".
We hold various clinics over a medium period (3-6 months). We provide training specialized for improving skills in small groups, which is possible only on a futsal court.
We are now accepting new applications for the weekday course from July to September 2024!

Tuesday Junior Skills Up Course
We will conduct training focused on improving individual technical skills in small groups at an indoor futsal court! Let's aim to improve individual skills through regular team activities and extra training! Even if you are not part of a team, you can improve rapidly through small group training!

Saturday Evening Course
We offer Junior Courses, Adult Courses, and the popular Parent-Child Courses!

Let's enjoy soccer together and improve your level! It's indoors so you don't have to worry about the weather! No experience necessary!

Practice date and time Varies depending on each course

Noah Futsal Stage Ibaraki

Application Several times a year
Please apply during the application period using the specified method. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis (applications will close once capacity is reached).
Operational Guidelines Varies depending on each course

GAMBA OSAKA Ibaraki Advance Recruitment Course List

We are currently accepting applications for summer 2024!

Junior Weekday Course

We are currently accepting new members (applications will close once we reach capacity)

Spring 2024 We are always looking for new members!

Saturday Evening Course

We are currently accepting new members (applications will close once we reach capacity)
Parent-child interaction course: There are no recruitments at this time.