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Car/Bicycle parking

Stadium Area Map

Car/Bicycle parking information


Please refrain from illegal parking and nuisance parking around the stadium!

If you are coming by car to watch a GAMBA OSAKA Osaka match, you will need to purchase a parking ticket in advance. You will not be able to enter the parking lot without purchasing a parking ticket.
Please check the information below regarding purchasing a parking ticket in advance, and if you are coming by car, be sure to purchase your parking ticket in advance.

On match days, customers using the South Parking Lot will use a different entrance to the South Parking Lot than usual, the entrance on the Gate 1 side (see diagram).
Please note that the regular entrances and exits are for exit only and cannot be used for entry.

Purchase a parking ticket (reservation required in advance)

Illegal parking near the stadium, unauthorized parking at surrounding facilities, and nuisance parking by shuttle vehicles on surrounding roads are extremely troublesome for local residents, so please refrain from doing so.
On match days, we carry out parking prevention activities under the guidance of local police.
If you do not have a parking ticket, please use public transportation.

The club operates with the support of the local community.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation from all visitors.

Where to buy internet *Credit card payment only
*Please select and purchase a parking ticket for the match day.
Parking lot location Expo Park South Parking Lot
Entry time From 6 hours before kickoff until the end of the match
Selling price
Public parking
  • Weekdays: 1,330 yen (parking fee 1,100 yen + sales fee 120 yen + ticket issuing fee 110 yen)
  • Weekends and holidays: 1,880 yen (parking fee 1,600 yen + sales fee 170 yen + ticket issuing fee 110 yen)
*A separate system usage fee (110 yen/card) will be charged.
Customers with a disability certificate

If you have a disability certificate, please purchase a handicapped parking space.
  • Weekdays/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 150 yen (parking fee 0 yen + sales commission 150 yen)
* Please present your disability certificate when entering the parking lot. If you do not have the certificate, you will not be allowed to enter the parking lot.
*Sales of both parking tickets and disabled parking tickets will end as soon as the planned number is reached.
*A separate system usage fee (110 yen/card) will be charged.
How to use
  1. When entering the parking lot, present your pre-purchased parking ticket to the attendant.
  2. Get a free ticket from the attendant
  3. Exit the parking lot using the parking ticket you received.
*If you forget your parking ticket, you will not be able to enter the parking lot.

Please note that on match days it is expected to take 2-3 hours to leave the car park. Please use public transport to get to the venue.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Park & ​​Ride

Park and ride is a method of driving from your home to the nearest station, parking your car, and then using public transportation such as trains to reach your destination in the city center.
GAMBA OSAKA is working with Osaka Prefecture to ease congestion on the outer roads surrounding the Expo, and as part of this effort, we are providing information on parking lots that are easy to use as park-and-ride lots.

<What kind of parking lots are easy to use as park-and-ride parking lots?>
This parking lot is close to the station and offers commuter passes and multiple-ride tickets, as well as a maximum daily fee.
Detail is Osaka Prefecture Urban Transportation Division Public Transportation Planning Group website Please confirm.

Bicycle parking

On the day of the match, if you come by bicycle, please make sure to park in one of the following locations:
  1. OFA Expo Football Center North side bicycle parking lot
  2. Former clubhouse site behind Gate 3 and Gate 4
*Please refrain from illegally parking bicycles near the stadium or at surrounding facilities as this causes great inconvenience to local residents.
Please note that motorcycles (including mopeds) cannot be parked in the bicycle parking lot. Guests coming by motorcycle should park in the South Parking Lot.

Customers coming by motorcycle (including motorized bicycles)

If you are coming with a motorcycle (including a moped), please park in the South Parking Lot. (Fee: 210 yen) You cannot park in the bicycle parking area.
*Please note that the exit for motorcycles from the South Parking Lot is in the same place as the entrance.
*Please do not park in the bicycle parking area.