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GAMBA OSAKA support vending machine

About the GAMBA OSAKA Support Vending Machine

The "GAMBA OSAKA" support vending machine is a vending machine that doubles as a donation box, with a portion of the sales going to support GAMBA OSAKA.

GAMBA OSAKA is looking for owners who can help with the installation!

Vending machine image
Vending machine image

Panasonic Stadium Suita installation example

Recruiting Support Vending Machine Owners

Cooperation details
  • Providing a place to install vending machines
  • 10% of sales will go to owners and 10% will support GAMBA OSAKA.
  • Companies, organizations, and the general public who support GAMBA OSAKA.
Installation conditions
  • It must be in a place where people can see it
  • This is based on the premise of new construction and expansion.
  • [Sales] A portion of sales will be used to support GAMBA OSAKA.
  • [Location] There must be a place or space that is visible to the public and can be used.
Management method
  • GAMBA OSAKA, which will act as the administrative office, will outsource the management of the support vending machines to Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc. will carry out maintenance and inspections of the vending machines, replenishing products, collecting payment and empty containers, and cleaning the surrounding area.
  • In addition, the cost of electrical work associated with installation will be covered by the manager (GAMBA OSAKA), but the electricity bills after installation will be borne by the owner.
Vending machine installation space and power supply
  • space

    Width 1,800mm (vending machine 1,200mm, recycling box 600mm) / depth 750mm

  • A dedicated 15A (100V) outlet is required for power.
  • The above space is the basic amount. You will need to select a vending machine depending on the space available.
Flow from application to installation
  • After receiving your application, we will arrange the installation date and other details.
  • Installation will take approximately two weeks once all conditions are met.
How to apply To apply for a GAMBA OSAKA support vending machine, please download the application form below, fill in the necessary information, and
Please fax your application to the GAMBA OSAKA Support Vending Machine Office at 050-3066-0509.
inquiry 7-9-31 Senrioka, Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture, 566-8513
Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc.
Sales Manager, Hanshin Vending Sales Department, Vending Senrioka Branch
Phone: 0120-866-509
FAX: 050-3066-0509