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Adult Clinic

Adult Clinic

GAMBA OSAKA holds clinics for adults tailored to their soccer proficiency level.

Takatsuki Adult Soccer Clinic

Two adult soccer clinics will be held at the Takatsuki venue!
We will be opening the ever-popular "Adult Relaxed Course(for beginners)" exclusively at the Banpaku venue, as well as the new "Senior League Participation Course" at the Expo site, which is fully booked every year!
We look forward to your participation according to your wishes.

Banpaku Adult Soccer Clinic

Our aim is not only to provide high-level training, but also to have the opportunity to experience the fun of soccer and the exhilaration of moving the body, and to broaden the scope of opportunities for friendship and promote health. By touching the ball, you will be able to learn the basics of soccer and feel the joy of improving with your body. Regardless of your soccer experience, beginners are also welcome to join us, so if you've never played soccer before but would like to try!, if you like watching soccer but would like to learn more about soccer, or if you used to play soccer and want to play again after a long time, please come and join us and enjoy soccer!
Please join us for a course that suits your needs and schedule! All courses are taught by dedicated GAMBA OSAKA School coaches.

Hirakata Soccer Clinic (Adults)

Rather than high-level training, the aim is to have participants experience the fun of soccer and the exhilaration of moving the body, while expanding opportunities for friendship and promoting health. By touching the ball, participants can learn basic soccer techniques and feel the joy of improving with their bodies. Regardless of soccer experience, beginners are also welcome to participate, so this is a recommended course for those who have never played soccer but would like to try! or who like watching soccer but would like to learn more about soccer!

Adult BODY MAKE (Fitness x Soccer) by Kenta HOSHIHARA[NEW]

The team will be coached by former GAMBA OSAKA player Kenta HOSHIHARA!
Based on the training and knowledge he gained during his playing days, he provides various training tailored to each individual's physical level in order to build a healthy body through soccer!
We will help you become healthy both physically and mentally by combining technical soccer training with core training and weight training.
Why not come and have fun together, improve your soccer skills, and gain strength and stamina at the same time?
Kenta HOSHIHARA, who also holds the NESTA-PFT personal trainer certification, will be conducting serious training!

Ibaraki Advance Adult Soccer School

We will be holding various mid-term (3-6 months) clinics for adults at the Ibaraki Futsal Court "Noah Futsal Stage Ibaraki". Training will be specialized for improving skills in small groups, which is possible only on a futsal court.
Let's enjoy soccer together and improve your level! It's indoors so you don't have to worry about the weather! No experience necessary!

Friday Night Soccer

For those who would like to play soccer after work on the weekends as well as for year-round training, we will hold adult clinics on Fridays of the week that are convenient for you.
The main focus is on games, so come alone or invite friends to come and refresh yourself with some soccer on the weekend after work, or get in shape for a game on the weekend!

[Sunday G] Adult Sunday Soccer Classes for Intermediate and Advanced Players

For those who want to not only train throughout the year, but also play soccer on the weekends and improve their level, we will hold soccer classes for intermediate and advanced players on Sunday evenings of any weekday that is convenient for you, at the futsal field "Sportivo Suita" in Kishibe, Suita City.
On the day, we will conduct high-intensity training and games with the members who gather. If you want to refresh yourself with soccer on the weekend or get some exercise, you can come alone or invite your friends!

Private Soccer Lessons

We provide lessons at convenient times and according to customer requests for those who wish to acquire and improve their individual soccer skills, in addition to team practice. We also provide private lessons for GK upon request.
We offer advice that is a little different from team practice and is tailored to help each individual improve their level.
We provide training tailored to each individual's needs and goals.

Ibaraki Advance Parent-Child Interaction Course

A very popular parent-child clinic! Let's enjoy soccer as a parent-child pair! We hope you will create time for family interaction through soccer!