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Takatsuki Clinic
Adult Soccer Clinic

GAMBA OSAKA Takatsuki Clinic Adult Soccer Clinic Overview

GAMBA OSAKA runs an Adult Soccer Clinic as a lifelong sport that helps promote health for a wide range of age groups.
Our aim is not only to provide high-level training, but also to allow you to experience the fun of soccer and the exhilaration of moving your body, and to broaden your opportunities for socializing and promoting health. By touching the ball, you will master the basics of soccer and feel the joy of improving with your body. Regardless of your soccer experience, beginners are also welcome to join, so if you've never played soccer before but would like to try!, if you like watching soccer but would like to learn more about soccer, or if you used to play soccer and want to play again after a long time, please join us and enjoy soccer!
Two adult soccer clinics will be held at the Takatsuki venue !
We will be opening a new course at the Takatsuki site, the ever-popular "Adult Relaxed Course(for beginners)" , as well as the "Senior League Participation Course" which is fully booked every year at the Banpaku site!
We look forward to your participation according to your wishes.

Recruitment details [Adult Relaxed Course]

We welcome those who want to start playing soccer or those who are not yet confident in their skills through our regular courses!
This will be a beginner's course aimed at promoting soccer to adults!
This course is designed to help you enjoy soccer, experience the joy of improving, and experience the fun of moving your body through soccer!
This is a course where you can have fun and enjoy soccer at a relaxed pace according to your level. We will provide you with careful instruction starting from the basics!

"Adult Relaxed Course" Recruitment Conditions * Recruitment conditions apply
  • Those who have been enrolled in the GAMBA OSAKA Osaka Adult Soccer Clinic for more than two years are not eligible to join.
  • After joining, if your level is clearly too high, we may ask you to transfer to another course after consulting with the secretariat.
Healthy people aged 20 or over who want to enjoy soccer (12 times a year)
[Senior League Participation Course (T40)]

Anyone over 40 years old as of April 2, 2024, who wants to enjoy soccer and play in matches (24 times a year)
We will conduct training with the aim of maturing the participants as a team. We will wear uniforms and participate in the Suita City Senior Autumn League (for those 40 and over)!
We are recruiting a limited number of people . *Only men
"Senior League Participation Course (Common)" Notes

Gamba School coaches will also be in charge of league matches! If the minimum number of matches is not met, there is a possibility that the team will not participate in the league.
In official matches, playing time varies from person to person. Please keep this in mind when considering participating.
Practice will be held at the Takatsuki venue, but participation in the senior league will be in the Suita City Senior League.

Takatsukishi Seishonenundo Park Artificial Turf Ground
Address: 4-1-1 Shiba-cho, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture * Paid parking available * Night lighting available


Please check the "Application Guidelines" below and apply via the specified method during the application period.

Operation Guidelines / Points to Note when Using the Facilities

Application Requirements

Start date: April 2024
"GAMBA OSAKA Takatsuki Clinic Adult Soccer Clinic" We are always looking for new members!

Recruitment details [Adult Relaxed Course]
Healthy people aged 20 or over who want to enjoy soccer (12 times a year)

[Senior League Participation Course (T40)]
Anyone over 40 years old as of April 2, 2024, who wants to enjoy soccer and play in matches (24 times a year)

*Practice dates are subject to change depending on the ground, weather, and other factors.
Practice Day Adult Relaxed Course
Senior League Participation Course (T40)
Practice time Adult Relaxed Course 19:15-20:45 (1 hour 30 minutes) (12 times a year)
Senior League Participation Course (T40) 19:15-20:45 (1 hour 30 minutes) (24 times a year)
Expenses Adult Relaxed Course Annual fee: 30,000 yen (including insurance fee, administrative fee, etc.)
Senior League Participation Course (T40) Annual fee: 72,400 yen (including insurance premiums, administrative fees, etc.)
How to apply for membership We are currently accepting applications, so please apply by email .
Please fill out the following information and send it by email.

"GAMBA OSAKA Adult Soccer Clinic Enrollment Application"

◆Main text
  1. Preferred course
  2. Participant's name (kanji/kana)
  3. Participant's date of birth
  4. sex
  5. contact address
  6. Address (starting with zip code)

    Please be sure to fill in 1 to 6.
  7. Email address *An email address that can receive emails from the school office
  • Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis (registration will close once capacity is reached).
  • If you apply by email, we will contact you by email with details of how to join and the participation fee.
  • We will send a confirmation of receipt from an email address with the " " domain within a few days, so please check your spam filter in advance to ensure that you can receive the reply.
  • Participation fees (the participation fee varies depending on when you join) must be paid by bank transfer.
  • Practice will be held rain or shine as we will be using an artificial turf field.
  • There is no make-up system in place for absences.
  • The participation fee (Adult Tuesday G(Pay-per-session) Course) must be paid in cash on the day.
Please apply only if you agree to all of the above.
Application period Recruitment continues at any time
* First come, first served (applications will close once capacity is reached)
Contact Information GAMBA OSAKA School Office
Phone: 06-6876-0111
(Tuesday to Friday 10:00 to 12:00 / 13:00 to 16:00 *Excluding public holidays and club holidays)