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Club Overview

Club Overview

Company Name GAMBA OSAKA Co., Ltd.
Club location and
Practice location
3-3 Banpaku, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone: 06-6875-8111
FAX: 06-6875-7778
Practice Ground Natural grass grounds: 2
Capital 10 million yen
Shareholders Panasonic Sports Co., Ltd. (70%)
Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (10%)
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (10%)
West Japan Railway Company (10%)
board member President and CEO: Tadashi ONO
Director Makoto Tokunaga
Director Tsuyoshi Kubota (non-executive)
Director Masanori Kawahara (non-executive)
Auditor Yoshihiko Furui (non-executive)
Organization personnel [Top Team]
9 Head Coach/coaches, 12 staff members, 31 players

30 Head Coach and coaches, 40 youth players, 56 junior youth players, 1,100 junior school students (Suita SS, Toyonaka, Banpaku, Hirakata, Ibaraki, Moriguchi, Takatsuki, Sakai, Kadoma), 700 clinic students
*Number of participants planned for April 2024

front office staff: 62
home town Suita City, Ibaraki City, Takatsuki City, Toyonaka City, Settsu City, Ikeda City, Minoh City / Hokusetsu and Kitakawachi Region
Home Stadium Panasonic Stadium Suita
3-3 Banpaku, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, 565-0826
Phone: 06-6875-3377
Access map
Blu SPAZIO / Blu STORIA Access Map


GAMBA Emblem


The GAMBA OSAKA emblem is made up of three elements: a flame, a heart, and a goal, forming the letter "G" - the initial letter of GAMBA OSAKA.
The timeless and contemporary design, composed of simple and solid elements, embodies Gamba Osaka's strong belief that it will not be limited to the GAMBA OSAKA field but will instead cater to a variety of scenes and lifestyles, create new experiences, and become Japan's leading sports experience brand.


The shape of the flame rising from the bottom symbolizes GAMBA OSAKA as a blue flame that generates enthusiasm.


The blue line forming a heart shape from the center represents the burning passion that continues to burn within us, and our determination to be the center of fans, supporters, the local community, and Japanese sports culture.

Origin of the club name

GAMBA is an Italian word meaning "legs".
Aiming to create a simple and strong team, the emphasis was on "legs," the foundation of soccer.

The sound of "Gamba" is similar to the Japanese word "ganbaru" (do your best), and it embodies the sentiments of "a team that works hard as one to aim for victory," "a team that works hard to win no matter the situation," "a team that calls Osaka its hometown and works hard with the support of its Kansai fans, mainly in Osaka," and "a soccer club that works hard to become the best club organization in Japan and the world."


The logotype is a simple yet powerful, modern design that incorporates the essence of an emblem.

Team Color

Team colors: blue, black

The team colors of blue and black will be used as the base, along with gold and white, to create a strong image for the GAMBA OSAKA brand.

Official Mascot



As a mood maker, he creates enthusiasm at various points of contact and connects GAMBA OSAKA to everyone with his passion.
The name was derived from its fluffy form and flame.

Honorary Mascot


Gamba Boy

A lively soccer boy from Gamba who works hard to win the match
It symbolically represents the "legs" from which the team name "GAMBA" is derived, and grasps the energy of fighting spirit in its hands.
Designed by Susumu Matsushita





It We become a blue flame, generating excitement and becoming the center..
A passion that burns hot in your heart.
GAMBA OSAKA will be a blue flame that burns with passion and enthusiasm, creating new experiences for people and becoming the center of fans, supporters, the local community, and Japan's sports culture.

Basic Management Policy

  1. 1. To create dreams and excitement in society through soccer
  2. 1. Work closely with the local community and contribute to revitalizing the local community.
  3. 1. Contribute to the promotion of sports culture

Management Policy

  1. Customer-oriented management

    We always aim to improve customer satisfaction and operate the club with the customer in mind in all activities.

  2. Developing a world-class professional team

    Using advanced techniques, strong physical and mental strength, and perfect team play, they will compete for victory in the J.League and aim to be the best in Japan, Asia, and the world.

  3. Developing Academy players to play on the world stage

    We aim to develop outstanding individuals (intellectual, moral and physical education) and to nurture players who will be active on the top team, the Japanese national team, and on the world stage.

  4. Collaborate with society and revitalize the local community

    We will collaborate with local governments, sponsors, media, local organizations, etc. to create new value and revitalize the local area.
    The stadium will also be used as a symbol of local activities.

  5. Providing high-quality sports entertainment

    We will provide excitement to our customers through high-quality sports entertainment, such as home games in safe, secure, and exciting stadiums, and digital communication.