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GAMBA OSAKA Cheer Dance Team

Since their formation in 2005, the group has continued to work with GAMBA OSAKA, performing dance performances at home games and appearing at events.

Gamba Osaka Cheer Dance Team
Gamba Osaka Cheer Dance Team

GAMBA OSAKA Cheer Kids School

We started our activities in 2010. Together with the GAMBA OSAKA Cheer Dance Team, we support GAMBA OSAKA with energetic performances. We hold school trial sessions from time to time.

Gamba Osaka Cheer Kids School
Gamba Osaka Cheer Kids School

Gamba Girl

The Gamba Girls work with the GAMBA BOY Boys to bring energy and smiles to supporters. They are involved in various events.

Gamba Girl
Gamba Girl

Otemon Gakuin University Eco Volunteer Staff

Since 2009, we have been carrying out eco-volunteer activities at home games with the aim of raising awareness of environmental protection through waste sorting.

Otemae University Eco Volunteer Staff

GAMBA GRASSA match management volunteer staff

We started volunteering in 1999. Since 2000, we have been working under the name "GAMBA GRASSA (meaning thick legs)" to support the management of GAMBA OSAKA's home games. On match days, we mainly support the operation of the venue, such as helping with fan club booths and events. Our members are of a wide range of ages, including students, working adults, housewives, and seniors. There are many reasons for participating, such as "I love GAMBA OSAKA and soccer," "I'm interested in sports and volunteer activities," and "I love this area and the city." Why not join us as volunteers to liven up the home games? We look forward to your participation!

Gamba Grassa match management volunteer staff

A day at GAMBA GRASSA(kickoff time 19:00)

  • Meeting/preparation/meeting

    Assembly / Preparation / Meeting
    Participants will help staff change clothes, prepare for work, and confirm any important matters to be announced on the day.

  • 15:30 Preparation/support for the fan club booth outside the venue

    15:30 Preparation/Support for the fan club booth outside the venue
    At the fan club booth, we will be handing out player cards and supporting membership promotion.

  • 16:30 Opening to the public

    16:30 Opening to the public
    Provide customer service, support and assistance

  • 19:00 Meeting/Disbandment

    19:00 Meeting / Disbandment
    Share and record what happened that day and use it for the next time.

*The time is just an estimate. It may change depending on the situation on the day.

Application method

GAMBA OSAKA is always recruiting GAMBA GRASSA members!

Please see the recruitment requirements below. Please feel free to contact us regarding the details of our activities.
We look forward to your participation!

Application Requirements

Activity content
  • Fan club booth support
  • Kids Room Support
  • Distribution of matchday programs (match information papers)
  • Entrance gate management (ticket taking, drink replacement, etc.)
  • Seating Information
  • Satellite operation support
  • Event management support
  • 18 years old and over *High school students are not allowed
  • Healthy and volunteer-minded
  • The first participation will be for observation only. *Because we are not covered by volunteer insurance
  • For those who like Gamba
Application method

Please apply using the application form or send a postcard with the required information below to the office listed below.

  • Name (furigana)
  • Date of birth (Gregorian calendar)
  • age
  • sex
  • Home phone or mobile phone
  • Email address (if available)
  • Home address (including zip code)
  • Company (school/grade) name
  • Reason for applying
  • Opinion on GAMBA OSAKA
Address (Application Office)
〒565-0826 3-3 Senri Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture
GAMBA OSAKA Citizens Staff Office (Office)
Application period We accept applications at any time.
inquiry GAMBA OSAKA Citizens Staff Office (Office)
〒565-0826 3-3 Senri Expo Park, Suita City
Phone: 06-6875-7744