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Saturday, June 22nd: Meiji Yasuda J1 League 19th Sec. against Kobe - Information on eating and drinking outside the stadium

We would like to inform you about off-site dining at the MEIJI YASUDA J1 LEAGUE 19th Sec. match against Vissel Kobe on Saturday, June 22nd.
There will be 12 stores on the main stand side, 3 stores in front of the football field, and 6 stores on the back stand side.
Please see below for the menus of each store!

Location: Panasonic Stadium Suita, main plaza, in front of the football field, back plaza
・Business hours: From 14:30
*Due to unavoidable circumstances, opening hours and layout may change on the day.

○Store introduction (menu, store PR, product PR)
[Main stand side]
French makunouchi 1,000 yen
Assorted French dishes 1,400 yen
We have opened a food truck in the Kyoto area! This restaurant specializes in bistro French cuisine and low-temperature cooking, made with the attention to detail of a former French chef. Look for the light blue light truck!

②One & Only
Croquette sandwich 500 yen
White fish sandwich 500 yen
Egg sandwich 500 yen
Fried noodles soba sandwich 500 yen
Bulgogi sandwich 600 yen
Each one is carefully handcrafted
This is "One&only", a shop specializing in koppepan sandwiches.

Gamba Beer "Greful Monkey IPA" 800 yen
Fragrant with Japanese pepper! Menchi for adults 350 yen
Gamba Beer's second release, Grapefruit Monkey IPA, is now on sale!

④Drink booth
Shaker French fries 500 yen
Draft beer 700 yen
Chuhai 500 yen
Highball 500 yen
Soft drinks 250 yen
Our most recommended shaker French fries! We have many flavors available, including soy sauce, butter, and consomme!

⑤ Fried chicken, white or black
Fried white chicken 700 yen
Deep fried black chicken 700 yen
French French fries 500 yen
Long frank 500 yen
Deep fried black chicken
This delicious fried chicken is tender, juicy and marinated in a special sauce made from Kochi Prefecture's ginger and sweet soy sauce!
It is also very popular among women because it does not contain garlic.
Fried white chicken
This delicious fried chicken is marinated in a special sauce that boasts the rich flavor of salt koji and the savory taste of garlic from Aomori Prefecture, making it a great match for both alcohol and rice!

⑥Poppo Korean Foods
Kimbap 1,000 yen
Yangnyeom Wings 600 yen
Korean steamed dumplings Mandu 500 yen
Boiled dumplings 600 yen
Chijimi ball 700 yen
Cheese Dakgalbi 900 yen
Samgyeopsal 1,000 yen
The kimbap is made with Korean seaweed wrappers, Iga Koshihikari rice from Iga City, Mie Prefecture, and Korean pickled radish, and each of the other ingredients are carefully seasoned.

⑦Takezo Kitchen
Pork and egg rice balls, 600 yen each
Teriyaki/Mentaiko mayonnaise/Tuna mayonnaise corn/Shiso kelp/Shiso plum/Shiso kimchi/Abura miso/Miso mustard greens
Fluffy egg sandwiches, 500 yen each
Plain/Mentaiko mayonnaise/Tuna mayonnaise/Mustard mayonnaise
Tornado Wiener 400 yen
Corn soup 400 yen
Soft serve ice cream, 400 yen each
With the slogan "Delivering deliciousness and fun," we operate food trucks and set up stalls at events, mainly in the Kansai region.
The kitchen car has a wooden look. Okinawa's soul food "Pork and egg onigiri" is a one-handed onigiri that combines the saltiness of spam with the sweetness of a thick egg! It's the size of a fist and is very filling!
Perfect for enjoying at the stadium or as a takeaway.

Roast beef bowl 1,000 yen
Double roast beef bowl 1,500 yen
Grilled roast beef bowl 1,000 yen
Beef plate 800 yen
The headquarters of the sales office is in Suita City, the home of Gamba.
We would like to work together to promote GAMBA OSAKA in order to contribute to and develop the local community.

⑨Rain or shine
Chicken over rice 800 yen
Avocado chicken over rice 900 yen
Chicken over rice with soft-boiled egg 900 yen
Cheese chicken over rice 900 yen
French fries with melted cheese 500 yen
I want to bring happiness to many people through delicious food.
Chicken over rice is a spicy, addictive street food that's popular in New York.

Okinawa tacos 750 yen
Ancient rice taco rice 800 yen
Trilocos 700 yen
Blue Seal Ice Cream 600 yen
We are a store specializing in Okinawan tacos and taco rice. Everything from the dough to the sauce is handmade. We use carefully selected ingredients from Nara.

Hamburger 950 yen
Cheeseburger 1,000 yen
Bacon, egg and cheese burger 1,400 yen
Salsa Burger 1,100 yen
Salsa Cheeseburger 1,250 yen
Bacon, egg and cheese burger 1,400 yen
French French fries 400 yen
Fried chicken 400 yen
Potato Chiki 700 yen
Shaved ice 400 yen
A delicious, large American-sized hamburger made with 100% beef and served on a fluffy and crispy bun!

[In front of the American football stadium]
⑫ Pond Color
Ikekara 600 yen
French French fries 400 yen
Donut Pop 600 yen
This fried chicken has a new crispy texture and is coated with Chicken Ramen, a specialty of Ikeda, Osaka.

⑬Food Paradise
Jumbo Yakitori 700 yen
Negima 2 pieces 500 yen
2 pieces of meatballs 500 yen
Skirt steak 700 yen
Cotton candy cup 600 yen
This restaurant has a menu of yakitori made with rare cuts of chicken!
We will do our best to please our supporters with smiles, energy, and delicious yakitori, and to make the event even more exciting!

⑭ Naruto Kitchen
Deep fried chicken half 1,200 yen
Otaru Zangi Bowl 1,050 yen
Momo Zangi 600 yen
Deep fried thigh 1,000 yen
Tartar Zangi 800 yen
Zangi Basket 1,000 yen
Share set 1,900 yen
Founded in 1952. A traditional taste that has been loved in Otaru for over 70 years!
This is a kitchen car that serves Otaru, Hokkaido's specialty "fried half a young chicken" and Hokkaido fried chicken "Zangi."

[Back stand side]
⑮Fried chicken donated to Ise Shrine
Fried chicken 500 yen

Kebab sandwich 900 yen
Kebab bowl 1,000 yen
Kebab rice 1,000 yen
Kebab salad 800 yen
Roll Kebab 900 yen
Shaved ice 400 yen
Ice cream 400 yen
"Doner Kebab" is an invitation to an indulgent taste adventure. Fresh vegetables and savory grilled meat create an exquisite combination, enhanced by unique seasonings. Every bite is filled with exotic flavors that will whet your appetite. Once you try it, you'll never go back to ordinary kebabs.

Beef offal Fried noodles noodles 800 yen
Pork Fried noodles Noodles 700 yen
Beef offal teppanyaki 800 yen
Tamamasen 400 yen
Candy apple 600 yen
Strawberry candy 400 yen
Shaved ice with fruit 600 yen
Frozen strawberries 500 yen
Frozen fruit 500 yen
Okonomiyaki stick 400 yen
They focus not only on main dishes but also on side dishes, so you can enjoy them at times other than lunchtime.
We are confident in our speed, being able to serve over 100 meals per hour, so you won't be kept waiting during your precious pre-match time.
The most popular Fried noodles is the beef offal yakisoba, which combines the flavorful beef offal with the Fried noodles made with dashi stock to create a perfect match! Many customers become addicted after trying it once!

⑱Aussie Pie
Meat and garlic pie 600 yen
Tomato chicken pie 600 yen
Mushroom stew pie 600 yen
Apple pie 600 yen
Frankfurt 300 yen
French French fries 500 yen
Churro 600 yen
Aussie Pies' strength is that it offers both sweet and savory options, such as meat pies and apple pies.

Skirt steak bowl 1,300 yen
Skirt steak skewer 900 yen
Tongue skewer 900 yen
Ham skewer 500 yen
Carefully selected domestic beef and homemade yakiniku sauce go perfectly with rice! Recommended for those who want to eat a hearty meal!

⑳Ayama, a char siu rice bowl specialty store
Grilled pork rice bowl: Regular 900 yen / Large 1,100 yen / Small 700 yen
Thickly-sliced ​​roasted pork rice bowl 1,200 yen
Salt lemon roasted pork rice bowl 1,000 yen
Grilled yam and pork rice bowl 1,200 yen
Appetizer char siu 850 yen
Pork miso soup 350 yen
This dish is made by slowly simmering Osaka brand pork "Naniwa Pork" in a soy sauce base, coating it with our homemade sauce, and then roasting it until it is fragrant. Please enjoy this ultimate bowl of rice, water, and eggs that are all carefully selected.

☆About the limited edition Jojoen bento☆

"karubi bento (compact)" 2,800 yen
The karubi lunch box, which was so popular that it sold out at the last Osaka Derby on May 6th, will be available in limited quantities again this year!
Please take this opportunity to try it!

*The menu is tentative and may change on the day depending on the availability of ingredients.
*Please note that the opening hours and location of the store may be subject to change without prior notice.