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Match schedule and results

2022.4.17(Sun) 14:00 KICK OFF
vs.Shonan Bellmare
Panasonic Stadium Suita




Shonan Bellmare
First Half
Second Half

90 ' Shuto YAMAMOTO

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Head Coach comments after the match

Head Coach

Katanozaka, Head Coach: "It was a very disappointing loss, and I'm sorry that so many people came to support us and we had to send them home with such a disappointing feeling. After all, we were at home so I wanted to win and celebrate with the fans and supporters, but it's really disappointing that we didn't get the result we wanted. In terms of the game, we didn't shy away from Shonan and the players tried to do what we had prepared. It didn't translate into results, and in the end, I think Shonan's desire to win took over and the goal was a goal. It's really a very small thing that can make us grab three points, or end up with zero points, and I felt that the game is really tough after today's game. With the consecutive games, the players prepared in a really difficult situation and gave it their all. However, losing like today means that we still don't have enough power, including that preparation, and we need to keep building up and growing. We'll switch gears and the next Levain Cup is the Osaka Derby, but since we had a disappointing loss at home, we'll try to prepare ourselves so that we can somehow play a game away and get through the group stage."

Q: "Today you used Shoji, Miura, and (Kwon) Kyung-won in a three-man backline. What was your intention and goal in doing so?"
Head Coach Katanozaka: "First of all, Kyungwon played very well in the Levain Cup match against Oita, so I think we can use him somehow, and I want to try it out even though we have consecutive matches. In that context, (Shoji) Gen and (Miura) Genta have also played very well in terms of defense and feeding, so I decided to go with a three-back today while thinking about how to use those three. We have a lot of preparations to make for the Shonan match, and we have another match, so I can't go into details, but I tried to come up with the best positioning and best way to play with those three players."

Q: "There were times when you went from four to five defensively as you had done in the past, but what was your image of that?"
Head Coach Katanozaka: "In terms of defense, we want to take the ball as high up the field as possible, and Shonan has been challenging us with their movement this season, and they've been taking various positions, so we don't want to be pushed back. And we don't want to be left too low in the back, so we presented the players with a strategy of challenging forwards. So I think we were able to see that kind of formation from time to time."

Q: In the second half, the team seemed to lose momentum and the Head Coach Katanozaka made gestures as if to tell the team to move forward more. What do you think was the reason behind this?
Head Coach Katanozaka: "As you just said, if the back line can't go up, they can't go forward, and if the block drops back like that, the ball we get will be farther away from the opponent's goal, and we're in a situation where we can't run, we can't fight, and we're being pushed back, so I think that's something we need to work on as a team, including our forward momentum and pressure. After all, Shonan was able to run and fight until the end, and I think that's why they won 0-1. Their desire to win and their determination to run all the way to the end are Shonan's strengths, so I think that's what made the difference in the game."

Q: "I'd like to ask about the offensive side. What did you see in Shonan's defense today that was different from what you expected? Please let me know."
Head Coach Katanozaka: "Shonan's defense was exactly as we analyzed it, and we knew where they would come in, and we had prepared for the roll-up, which we had presented to the players as part of our aim, but I think we lacked the ability to create chances smoothly and to push forward. In the second half, even though we had the ball, we weren't able to take shots, so I think we still lacked the strength. We need to create more chances, and in the (attacking) third, you can't break through if you just stand there, so you have to move, and someone has to create space, and when that happens, you have to run, so I think we lacked the power to do that and we wouldn't have been able to score."

Player's comments after the match

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