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Match schedule and results

2023.4.15(Sat) 16:00 KICK OFF
vs.Kyoto Sanga F.C.
Kyoto Sanga F.C.




First Half
Second Half

22 ' Yuta TOYOKAWA

82 ' Anderson PATRIC Aguiar Oliveira

37 ' Hideki ISHIGE

Highlight video

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Head Coach comments after the match

Head Coach

Head Coach Poyatos: "Honestly, I think it was a good game. However, even though we were behind first, I think the team continued to stay calm and controlled the game, creating chances, and we were able to score the equalizer. After that, we conceded a goal through (Miura) Genta, which was unfortunate. I think we're losing too many points because of these kinds of mistakes, and I think we need to improve on that as soon as possible."

Q: "Today, instead of starting Usami, you started Ishige instead. Was that because you wanted to maintain the same high intensity as the last time, or was Usami not up to the level of intensity that the Head Coach wanted, considering that we were playing against Kyoto? What was the intention behind this decision?"
Head Coach Poyatos: "Yes, I think there are two sides to what you said. As for (Usami) Takashi, I think he needs time. He's in good condition, but he still needs time to get used to the match. As for (Ishige) Hide, he really brought benefits to the team in the last match. I think it would be unfair not to use him after he did such a great job against Frontale, and I always value fairness when managing the locker room, so I used Hide without any influence."

Q: "I understand how good Usami is, but when he was deployed today, he seemed to be a little late in the negative transition (switching from attack to defense), and the team's rhythm seemed to be off. Will you expect Usami to do that, or will you consider using him in a different way?"
Head Coach Poyatos: "I think it was a general issue. Rather than his negative transitions being slow, I think we needed to create a better condition. The game ended up being open, but he (Usami) is a player who excels in front of the goal, so I think it would have been better if we had created a better condition for him to show off his strengths. He's actually been doing some really great training, and I intend to continue to support him as I have done in the past."

Q: After you made the substitutions, the Head Coach became a little more open, as you mentioned earlier, but what do you think was the reason that the Head Coach didn't go as you wanted it to?
Head Coach Poyatos: "Yes, in the final moments of the game and when the score was tied, the opponents started to pull back, and Kyoto went on the counter after stealing the ball. We were attacking well and leaving a lot of space behind us, but whenever Kyoto stole the ball, they would take advantage of Anderson PATRIC Aguiar Oliveira and others to get the ball behind us, and then we would steal the ball and attack again, so it was inevitable that the game ended up being that open. However, I think the players felt that the timing of the play was good on the pitch, so we want to make sure we improve in that area."

Player's comments after the match

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