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2024.6.20[STADIUM INFO.]

6/22 (Sat) Meiji Yasuda J1 League 19th Sec. Kobe match stadium gourmet food information

◆If you eat stadium gourmet food and post it on social media, you will be entered into a draw to win a SONIC shirt autographed by your favorite player!!

For information on delicious stadium gourmet at Panasonic Stadium Suita , search for "# stadium gourmet # GAMBA OSAKA"
Also, for player collaboration products, check out the official GAMBA OSAKA YouTube channel to find your favorite player and products and try them.

At the match against Kobe on June 22nd and Machida on June 30th , we will be holding a campaign where if you eat stadium gourmet food and post a picture of it on social media, you will receive a SONIC shirt autographed by the player of your choice . Please post a picture of your delicious stadium gourmet food on X (formerly Twitter) using the following method. Ten lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a SONIC shirt autographed by the player of their choice. (All sizes are free)

If you use player collaboration products, posting to X (formerly Twitter) is very easy! When you scan the QR code on the original player card, a posting page with "# stadium gourmet # GAMBA OSAKA" will automatically open.

【way to participate】
Follow GAMBA OSAKA Official X (formerly Twitter).
Please post to X (formerly Twitter) along with a photo of your stadium gourmet food product using the hashtags " stadium gourmet" and "GAMBA OSAKA ". All stadium gourmet food products are eligible, not just collaboration products.

【Application period】
June 22, 2024 (Saturday) - July 5, 2024 (Friday) 23:59
*Winners will be sent a direct message from GAMBA OSAKA official account.
*After asking the winner which player they would like to play, we will send them a SONIC shirt with a handwritten signature. (All are free size)

Four new players added to the 2024 player collaboration products

This year, four new players have been added to the popular player collaboration menu, and it will be on sale from the match against Kashiwa on June 16th. There are also other exclusive gourmet foods that can only be eaten at Panasonic Stadium Suita, so why not try them out as you walk around the stadium!

Yamada: "Please eat lots of vegetables!!"
[Texas BBQ & Steak Re DINER] Yamada's Healthy Salad Bowl 800 yen
Panasonic Stadium Suita's first collaboration with a player using salad! A healthy salad bowl containing vegetables, multigrain rice, and chicken breast. Comes with Caesar dressing selected by Yamada.

Kishimoto: "It's mild and spicy, and goes great with rice!"
[Krungtep] Kishimoto's coconut egg curry 1,000 yen
Khun Krungtep's famous curry is now available at Panasonic Stadium Suita! This egg curry contains whole soft-shell shrimp and broccoli.

WELTON: "If you want to eat delicious food, you should definitely try this steak bento."
[Awajiya] WELTON's Powerful Steak Bento 1,500 yen
This is a hearty bento lunch recommended by Brazilians, whose staple foods are meat and beans. It also contains vegetables, making it a well-balanced dish.

Meshino: "The harmony of the salt sauce, fried chicken, and fried rice is amazing"
[TORIBOU] Meshino chicken with fried rice 1,000 yen
Juicy fried Meshino praised as "delicious." It goes perfectly with fried rice.

For each player collaboration menu item, you will receive an original player card (not for sale). There are two types of original player cards*.
*Original player cards will be randomly selected, so you cannot choose the design.

Player collaboration menu 2024
In 2024, 28 player collaboration menu items will be on sale (including Head Coach Poyatos).

For more information, please visit the stadium gourmet homepage.